TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 201 - 'Turn This Mother Out'


Being Human Episode 201

"Turn This Mother Out"

Written By: Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke

Directed By: Adam Kane

Original Airdate: 16 January 2012

In This Episode...

We open up a month after last season's finale. Nora still hasn't told Josh that she worries that she is now a werewolf. Instead, she asks him questions about his transformation, looking for warning signs. The full moon is tonight. Josh doesn't want to talk about it.

Sally's roommates talk her in to attending her high school reunion. She meets up with Stevie, a classmate who killed himself in junior year. As a suicide, he doesn't get a door, so he will be stuck on this plane forever. Sally is annoyed to learn that shallow, selfish, dumb as toast prom queen Diane died six months ago - from Malaria, caught while doing volunteer work in Africa. Diane, as shallow in death as she was in life, doesn't remember Sally or Stevie. Sally finally tells her off, and Diane feels bad (as bad as an airhead can feel). She was always jealous of how "easy" Sally had it, and remembers thinking in her last few minutes of life, that she can relax - she doesn't have to suck her stomach in anymore. This realization opens her door. 

Stevie tells Sally that ghosts can sleep - they can even dream. She goes home and tries it. In her dream, she finds her door. There is a bright, beautiful light when she opens the door, but it quickly dims, and turns dark and stormy. A dark shadowy figure comes rushing at her. She can't shut the door, and it attacks her. She wakes, terrified, and floating midair.

Aidan has stepped into the power vacuum left by Bishop's death. He caused the vacuum, he feels it is his job to plug it up. But the natives are getting restless. He is trying to care for Bishop's "orphan" vampires - the ones he made outside the rules set up by the council - but they are hungry and Bishop can't get them blood fast enough. Mother, the overlord of the vampires, has come into town, and the council all assume she will turn over Boston to Aidan. Instead, she names her own daughter (who apparently is "not well") to run Boston, appointing Aidan to be her number two. If he succeeds in helping Daughter gain control of the Boston vamps, Mother will grant Aidan his freedom. But Mother and Hegeman are concerned with where Aidan's loyalties lie. Mother insists that Hegeman kill Josh.

Since it has been one month since the last episode, it is full moon time. Josh finally allows Nora to drive him to the forest. She just wants to help him - she is more "over" the werewolf thing than he is. He heads off into the forest to change, and Nora waits nervously in the car. When she hears Josh going through his transformation, she begins to relax. She starts the car - then her own change begins. She screams for Josh, who hears her and goes running for her mid-transformation. But he gets caught by Hegeman and his silver bullets.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a good way to start the season. It both reminded us where we left off, and set us up for the new season. I am pleased to see that the show has found its own footing, and is no longer duplicating the British series. 

Jolly Good Fun

Nora joins Aidan, Josh, and Sally in the kitchen one morning. She knows all about them, but since she technically isn't a werewolf yet, she can't see Sally. When she comes into the kitchen, she asks the boys if she is there. She is, so Nora starts talking to her - but she is talking to the wall. Aidan takes pity on Nora and physically turns her so she is facing Sally.

Bloody Hell

This wasn't a very violent episode, but Mother did decapitate two rogue vampires - with her fingernail.


Nora has a hard time adjusting to her new life, and Sally has a new hobby - possessing the living.