TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 202 - 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?'


Being Human Episode 202

"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"

Written By: Nancy Won

Directed By: Paolo Barzman

Original Airdate: 23 January 2012

In This Episode...

With semi-human Josh still suffering the shock of Hegemen's bullet, a silvery wolf (Nora) attacks and kills the vampire. Josh finishes his transformation. In the morning, he wakes with only minor injuries. Nora wakes, naked, under a pile of leaves. When Josh goes to the car looking for Nora, he finds it empty, but torn up as if a werewolf had been rolling around inside. Josh instead finds Nora sitting on his porch, traumatized. It isn't until he sees the scratches on Nora's arm that he realizes that she is now a wolf. Nora is, understandably, in a daze. She freaks out a little at work. That night, at a med school mixer, she gets rip-roaringly drunk and starts blabbing about "waking up naked with a dead squirrel in my mouth" and how she can drink as much as she wants because she's "not pregnant anymore." Josh feels horrible and intends to drop out of med school in order to devote himself to finding a cure for Nora. She doesn't want that, and seems to be somewhat sated by the fact that Josh wants to be with her because he is happy with her, not because they are the same monster.

Sally has been hanging out a lot with Stevie and a couple of Stevie's dead teen friends, Dylan and Boner. They want to go "raging" and Sally, up for a thrill, agrees - even against Stevie's fervent (and continued) objections. Turns out that "raging" means going to the cool-kids kegger and taking over a host body. Sally gives it a try and is out of her mind with pleasure when she realizes she can feel, eat, drink, and interact with other humans. Things get dark when Dylan - also inhabiting another body - tries to force himself on Sally ("What does it matter? They're not our bodies"). She is panicky and she can't get out of her borrowed body. Stevie reaches in and removes both Sally and Dylan. Dylan is furious and the two boys get into a fight - and destroy each other. Literally. They disappear in plumes of smoke and Sally later describes it as "energy being snuffed out." She is really, really disturbed by this.

Aidan has dug up Mother's daughter, Serene, from her crypt and feeds her until she is vibrant again. Aidan is all business; Serene wants to be flirty and playful. The two have known each other for decades and were apparently close back when Aidan was on the live blood. Something dark happened in the Halloway Hotel in the 1920s that involved Aidan, blood, a lot of dead people, and Serene being taken away by men in white coats. Aidan is adamant that their first order of business be to find a new inside vamp in the police force. Serene is adamant that they turn a new vamp already on the force. She brings home an attractive, voluptuous cop in the hopes that Aidan will turn her. After a heavy seduction on her end, Aidan turns her away and Serene steps in and changes her. Later, while drowning his sorrows at the bar, he runs into Julia, a doctor he saw interviewing for a job at the hospital. The two hit it off and he goes home with her.

Dig It or Bury It?

Two episodes in, and this season is already leagues beyond the first season. First season wasn't bad, but I appreciate that the second season isn't following the BBC version scene for scene. Tonight's episode was a great combination of humor, emotion, drama, and just a touch of action. Yes, it could have used more, because action is awesome, but this was a perfect blend.

I find Aidan and Serene's story the least interesting of the three roommates'. Serene strikes me as a better-functioning Drusilla (from Buffy), and the whole "being in charge" thing really makes for a moody Aidan.

Brits vs. Yanks

Nora's British counterpart seemed to adjust to her newfound lycanthropy much better than the American Nora which, frankly, suits me just fine. It seems more realistic this way. BBC Nora is weirded out, but Syfy Nora is batshit over the news. I love that she worries if she can still eat chocolate because "chocolate is poison to dogs" (the answer is no, it can't: "we aren't ‘dogs'; we are only not ourselves one day a month").

Jolly Good Fun

When Nora and Josh come home after Nora's first change, they find Sally entertaining three ghosts. "Were there always this many ghosts, and I just couldn't see them?"


Josh and Nora prep for their first full moon together, and Julia isn't who she says she is.