TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 203 - 'All Out of Blood'


Being Human Episode 203

"All Out of Blood"

Written By: Chris Dingess

Directed By: Paolo Barzman

Original Airdate: 30 January 2012

In This Episode...

Sally meets a living, breathing nurse at the hospital who can see and speak to her. Her name is Zoe, she is a neo-natal nurse, and she has a 6th sense which allows her to interact with ghosts. She attributes this to a time as a baby when a ghost tried to possess her. She scared it away with her baby screams, but suspects a little part stuck around, leaving her with this "gift." She is a gatekeeper of sorts, matching ghosts with ailing newborns so that the ghosts can be reincarnated and the baby gets a health boost. It is delicate business, and she salts the doorway of the nursery to prevent errant ghosts from sneaking in when she isn't there to facilitate. Zoe agrees to interview Aidan and Josh about how Sally would do as an infant (though she was just using the interview process as an excuse to meet others with a "6th sense" - Sally left out the vampire and werewolf bits). It was determined that Sally had too much anger to be a viable candidate for reincarnation. But she is desperate to be living - and escape the dark shadow that stalks her at every turn - so the moment the janitor sweeps up the salt line, Sally makes a bee-line for the nursery and chooses an infant. Before she can attempt the soul smush or whatever it is, the dark shadow scares her away. Zoe catches her and reluctantly agrees to help Sally figure out what this dark shadow is, and how to get away from it.

Aidan has been with Julia for a few weeks now, and is ridiculously happy. He sometimes has to leave the room while they are fooling around for a hit off a blood bag because her jugular is just too tasty-looking, but it does the trick. Things are going very well - until she spends the night for the first time and comes downstairs and is face-to-face with Josh - her ex-fiancĂ©. She still has no idea why he broke it off with her, but it devastated her and made for the most awkward "walk of shame" ever. Josh tried to apologize but it made no difference. Nora tried to befriend her since they would be working together, but Julia takes her anger at Josh out on Nora - who defends him valiantly. To add some salt to that wound, Aidan breaks up with Julia because his friendship with Josh is too important. Later, he discovers that the blood storage room has been put under lock and key when supervisors began to suspect employees were stealing it. Aidan tries to go cold turkey, but that doesn't work. He can't go back to the blood den because it sets a bad precedent, so instead he sees a sketchy blood hooker. 

Nora is still adjusting to being a werewolf. To keep them safe, Josh has rented his-and-hers storage units for them to transform in. Nora doesn't like the idea of being locked up and fights him at every turn. He finally tells her that she is dangerous, that he saw her tear a man to shreds when she first transformed (never mind the fact that she was just protecting her man). Nora informs him that she knows - she remembers. She then sets about stalking Julia with murderous intent. But as the moon reaches its apex, she shows up at the storage unit. "You were right. I am dangerous. Lock me up."

Dig It or Bury It?

I really like the direction they are taking Nora's character. The British version of Nora was surprisingly accepting of her new lifestyle; our Nora is a little unhinged. One night Josh is taking her on an olfactory tour of the neighborhood all from their bedroom - which turns her on. The next, Nora is furious at Josh for "sparing" Julia this burden that he "saw fit" to curse her with.

I found it very bizarre that, when Sally told Josh and Aidan of her plans to get herself reincarnated, they laughed at her face. Apparently reincarnation is where werewolves and vampires draw the line at what they will and will not believe.

Myths Revamped

According to Aidan, going through blood withdrawal will cause him to become sick, then the hunger will take over and he will binge - and it will be ugly. I'm not sure why he doesn't feed off animals like so many other vampires do. It's also interesting that blood hookers are no different than regular hookers: down-on-their-luck, overweight and over-the-hill, and with a pimp hanging out in the room with a wooden stake to make sure things don't get out of hand. Blood hookers charge $300 a throw.

Jolly Good Fun

Sally interrupts Josh and Aidan bickering over Julia: "Pacey! Dawson! Put Joey out of your head for a second and focus. The reincarnation lady is coming over to interview you to see if I can make it with a baby soul."


We see more flashbacks of Aidan as a psychopath (perhaps even learn a little bit more about his and Suren's relationship), and Sally gives possession another shot.