TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 204 - '(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons'


Being Human Episode 204

"(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons"

Written By: Michael Ostrowski

Directed By: Charles Biname

Original Airdate: 6 February 2012

In This Episode...

Aidan is jonesing for blood in a bad, bad way. Tracy, his blood hooker, is tapped dry. She offers up Darla as a replacement, but when Aidan discovers Darla is a child, he runs. Suren wants to add a new vampire to the fold, a low-level mobster who runs a strip club. He can offer influential contacts, protection, and "waste management" to the vampires. He will also help cull the orphans that Bishop left behind (why exactly aren't the orphans just grandfathered in? Is this some kind of political statement on immigration?). Aidan just sees him as an opportunist trying to move up the mafia ladder. However, his hunger and his DTs get so bad that he gives in. He and Suren feast  on the mafia, then have sex in his blood. It is unclear if he has been turned or was just a snack.

In flashback, we learn a little bit more about Aidan and Suren's relationship. He was her "escort" in 1930, when Mother was trying to get Suren to take some responsibility for the vampires. They had feelings for each other, but Aidan couldn't give in to those feelings because he was afraid of incurring the wrath of the royals. When he finally summons the courage to buy them a couple train tickets out of town, he walks in to find Suren having sex with Henry - Aidan's right-hand man and the man he sired.

Josh is approached in the hospital by a woman named Brynn who could sense out his wolfiness. Her twin brother, Conner, got into a row and was taken to the psych ward. She needs Josh's help to break him out before the full moon. Josh agrees, and they take him out drinking as a thank you. Brynn and Conner are purebreds - both their parents are werewolves. Their wolfy senses are heightened all the time, not just before the full moon. He mentions that he is working on a cure for lycanthropy, and the twins are interested in bankrolling his research. He is skeptical at first, but finally brings them to his storage locker/research lab. It is then that he discovers that their true interest in his research is actually the opposite: they want to be able to turn whenever they want, not just on the full moon.

Sally and Zoe have become very friendly. Sally tries to coach Zoe through flirting with a cute doctor that Sally has had her eye on. It backfires, and she soon finds out why. Zoe runs a ghost therapy group, filled mainly with ghosts who are in recovery for possession addiction. One of the members of her group is Nick, the ghost Sally "dated" last season. It was because of Sally that he decided he needed rehab, and it was there that he met Zoe and the two fell in love. Sally tries to be happy for Zoe, but she is broken up over it. She finds cute doctor making out with the girlfriend he recently reconciled with, and possesses her.

Dig It or Bury It?

The addiction aspect was sickeningly heavy-handed in this episode. So possession is the ghost equivalent of addiction; blood we all know is the vampire equivalent; and it seems that lycanthropy itself is the werewolf equivalent. Yeah, we get it: no matter what kind of creature you are, you are prone to ruinous addiction. Other than that, nothing happened in this episode. But here is something weird that I have noticed: the roommates don't interact this much this season, and I really think this is to the show's detriment. Each roommate is so wrapped up in their own drama that they never share the screen together for more than an obligatory four minutes. The three leads have great chemistry together. Too bad we don't get to see it anymore.

Myths Revamped

Most lore has wolfsbane as a poison or repellant for werewolves. In Being Human, it acts like canine Xanax. 

Jolly Good Fun

Josh: "It was either let the guy [Conner] out or turn the psych ward into Thunderdome."


Josh meets Nora's ex - the one who nearly killed her. Sally becomes a possession addict. Aidan and Suren go on a blood binge.