TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 206 - 'Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These'


Being Human Episode 206

"Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These"

Written By: Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke

Directed By: Stefan Pleszczynski

Original Airdate: 20 February 2012

In This Episode...

Josh finds a curious patient at the hospital: Sally's mother, Rena. She passes soon after, and Sally is overjoyed to be reunited with her mother. At Rena's funeral, Sally hears laughing, and discovers her mom canoodling with Jerry, their former next door neighbor who died over a decade ago. Rena and Jerry had been having an affair when Sally was a child and made some kind of pact to meet up in the afterlife. Sally is horrified to discover her perfect childhood wasn't that perfect, and is jealous that now that she has time with her mother, Rena is more interested in reuniting with Jerry. 

Josh is losing it. He hasn't hear from or seen Nora since the full moon, and a pair of detectives visit Josh at work, inquiring about Nora's whereabouts. Will's body has been found, and Nora is the prime suspect. Josh goes to Aidan for help, but he is busy with his own madness (more on that in a minute). Josh goes directly to Cecelia and makes a deal with her: she makes the whole Nora and Will thing go away, and he will hand over the purebred werewolves along with Hegeman's gun, framing the twins for his death. Two birds, one stone. True to her word, when the detectives bust Josh sanitizing his storage unit, Cecelia shows up and compels the detectives to look elsewhere for answers into Will's murder. Josh hands over the gun and tells Cecelia where she can find Brynn and Conner.

Aidan is blood crazy - literally. He is blood drunk all the time, which makes him a total douche, and he thinks Bishop is talking to him. Bishop convinces Aidan that he needs to kill Henry, so the "two" of them head into the city looking for him. They find him, and Henry knows Aidan has come to kill him. The two have a great fight scene, with Bishop cheering them on the whole way. Aidan finally gains the upper hand and is poised to stake Henry - but he can't do it. He missed Henry and promises he will find a way to do right by him. Henry heads back to his orphan community, and Bishop gives Aidan a pep talk: the father can never kill the son. It is always the son who kills the father. "I have never been so scared for you."

Dig It or Bury It?

Holy balls this was an angsty episode. Sally is stomping around angry with her mom and jealous of Jerry. Josh is angry at the twins and paranoid of the cops. Aidan is just angry in general and has officially flown over the cuckoo's nest. It was all very... exhausting. I feel like there is a lot more going on between Sally and her mom that should be explored... but probably won't be.

Bloody Hell

Aidan is having a blood orgy in the hotel basement again. Look, I like sexy people covered in blood as much as the next guy, but when you have it in every episode, it starts to lose its thrill. What set this blood orgy apart was Aidan, drunk on blood, spinning himself around a pole in the basement, spitting a fountain of blood as he twirls.

Jolly Good Fun

Josh had a couple decent lines, all revolving around dinner. Sally invites her mom over to dinner with Aidan and Josh, and Jerry joins. Josh goes into the kitchen to check on dinner. "Why am I, yet again, cooking dinner for people who don't eat?" When dinner is ready, he asks his dinner companions if he can "dial back the crazy and only serve myself."


Danny has sent a reaper after Sally - apparently he is dead and wants to make her afterlife an undead hell.