TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 207 - 'The Ties That Blind'


Being Human Episode 207

"The Ties That Blind"

Written By: Celine Geiger

Directed By: Stefan Pleszczynski

Original Airdate: 27 February 2012

In This Episode...

Sally is being haunted. Furniture stacks itself precariously; knives stick in the wall; lights flicker. Sally demands the spirit leave her alone - but she swears she hears Danny's voice. She asks Aidan for help, and he discovers that Danny was killed in prison a few weeks ago. He promises to come home and help her as soon as his shift is over, and tells her to arm herself with iron. At home, Danny appears to Sally, and he is more pissed off than ever. He easily disarms her of her iron poker, and attacks. He strangles her, and her neck glows green, proof that he is succeeding. Suddenly Danny himself turns green and glowy, and he dissipates into black smoke. Danny is officially dead. In his place the reaper materializes in human form. He explains that when ghosts don't take their door when it is offered, it upsets the balance and he must reap them to restore balance. The reaper does admit that Sally's situation is a bit more complex than that, as she missed her door by accident. Still, she did mess with the balance when she possessed Janet, so the reaper must still cull her. He will give her a few hours to put her affairs in order.

Nora has finally come back to town, and Josh is surprised to find her sitting in the hospital cafeteria. They are both hurt, but Nora wants to make things right and will turn with him at the storage unit that night. Before she can make it there, Brynn and Conner welcome her home by telling her how Josh got the cops off her trail. She confronts Josh angrily, but has one detail wrong: the twins assumed that Aidan sent Cecelia after them. So they now have Cecelia in their custody, and have beaten the hell out of her. They tell Aidan to come to the woods that night and they won't hurt her further. Back at the storage unit, Josh and Nora debate the ethics of killing, it ends in a fight, and she storms off to change with the twins in the woods.

Josh feels bad, and finds Nora, Conner, and Brynn at the shack in the woods. He wants to be part of their pack because he loves Nora and wants to make her happy. She is touched; the twins think he is a tool. When Aidan shows up, Josh finally admits that he was the one who sent Cecelia to kill the twins. Nora is furious, but the change has already begun. The twins have set up a good ol' fashioned vampire hunt. Cecelia is tied up in the forest with Hegeman's gun, and it is kill-or-be-killed. Aidan sprints into the forest and runs into Hadley, one of the Dutch contingent who is in Boston looking for Hegeman. Aidan believes that the two of them can take on four wolves, but Hadley splits when he hears two are purebreds.

Aidan finds Cecelia, and she has lost a lot of blood. He cuts her out of the tree but is set upon by Nora in wolf form. With no other option, he slashes her with the silver knife Josh gave him when they first moved in together. Nora is injured but not dead, and it is enough to distract were-Josh from Aidan. Cecelia cannot walk, so Aidan carries her, but she slows him down significantly. She convinces him to leave her behind as bait so he can survive. He does, and the four werewolves tear her apart while Aidan leaves.

In the morning, Nora and Josh wake together. Their memories of last night are fuzzy, but they know they didn't kill Aidan. Nora finally admits that the reason she left town was because she was hiding from the fact that she didn't have any remorse for killing Will. Part of her was furious with Josh for trying to kill the pack, but another part of her was proud of him for embracing his wolf side. The problem now is that Josh wants to be human, but Nora wants to embrace her wolf. This is pretty much a breakup, but they go back to the shed to retrieve their stuff. Conner and Brynn are there, and they have a newfound respect for Josh. Then Aidan appears out of nowhere, wielding Hegeman's gun, and shoots Conner to death. Nora has to hold back a hysterical Brynn, and he tells her to leave Boston now. Aidan tosses the gun to Josh, picks up the now-lupine corpse, and takes it to Hadley to take back to Pennsylvania - this is the wolf who killed Hegeman; your business here is done. 

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was dark. Everyone is mad with everyone else. Frankly, the darker the show gets, the more unlikeable the characters become. Which is odd, because normally I much prefer darker characters. But the cast of Being Human just doesn't do dark very well. No, I take that back. Aidan is still enjoyable dark. But Sally and Josh are insufferable. Their dark sides are whiney. The whole on-again, off-again thing with Josh and Nora is just dull. If I wanted relationship drama I would watch Grey's Anatomy.

Jolly Good Fun

Josh: "Why is the bathroom mirror telling me I'm a whore?" (Part of Danny's haunting).

Bloody Hell

Cecelia's death is background fodder. In the morning, when Nora and Josh wake, it is strangely idyllic: it is peaceful, the pair are spooning in the grass, a slight breeze tousles their hair... and they are smeared in mud and blood.


Aidan works on saving as many vampire orphans as he can; Josh's sister comes back to town; and Sally reaps the reaper.