TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 208 - 'I've Got You Under Your Skin'


"I've Got You Under Your Skin"

Written By: Nancy Won

Directed By: Stefan Schwartz

Original Airdate: 5 March 2012

In This Episode...

Sally is on edge. It has been a week since the reaper threatened to take her. When he finally does show up, he has a loophole for her: if she takes his place as a reaper, she can save herself. She has until sundown to decide. Aidan suggests she reap him before he can reap her. Sally goes to Stevie for a tutorial on shredding ghosts. He is of no help, other than to tell her not to do it. "It turns you dark," he says miserably. When the reaper returns, Sally steadies herself and shreds him. It works, and she feels a rush. Then it turns out it didn't work - the reaper has a shit-ton more experience than Sally does. But now she has a taste for it, and she agrees to be a reaper. Their first target? Stevie. The reaper insists that Stevie has reaped more than just out of defense, and he has gone so far as to stalk his high school bully in the hopes that he will die and Stevie can reap his ghost. Sally can't believe it is true until she confronts Stevie about it, she backs off, and Stevie gets shredded. Pot, meet kettle.

Mother has informed Suren that she is coming to town to check on the orphan situation - you know, the situation she and Aidan were supposed to solve, but didn't. Aidan works with Henry to gather as many orphans at his house as possible by nightfall. Those that make it will be saved. He has arranged for the orphans to be taken in by the Baltimore precinct, an area that doesn't answer to an authority. Most of the orphans are unhappy about this but have no choice. In fact, it was a trap, arranged by Aidan and Suren. Aidan and Henry scramble out of the house, locking the orphans in and letting them burn.

Josh's sister comes to town to cheer her big brother up. They make plans to get hammered when he is done with work, but he skips out early and goes to the bar, where he finds Julia and Emily drinking together. Emily ends up smashed and Josh and Julia pour her into bed. They talk awkwardly later. Julia admits she took the job in Boston in the hopes that she would run into Josh. Josh finally admits that the night of the attack turned him into a monster and that is why he left. I'm not sure if Julia understood he meant a for-realsies monster.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was tough to slog through. Everyone was miserable. It felt like a bad episode of Beverly Hills 90210 without any of the sleazy, debaucherous sex. I don't feel like this episode really moved any of the characters forward (except maybe Sally) and I just really wanted all of them to shut the hell up. 

Myths Revamped

In the Being Human universe, the only way to revoke a vampire's invitation to a home is to put the home in someone else's name. That is Aidan and Suren's plan: when the orphans are collected in the house, Suren buys the house off the owner and signs it over to her human lawyer. Rather than just getting kicked out, vampires who are not invited into a home burn into ash.

Bloody Hell

In order for Henry to be accepted into the Boston vampire clan, Suren must take a pound of flesh - literally. She skins him in one huge chunk, like "peeling a shrimp." This won't kill him, but as his screams suggest, he would rather be dead. Sadly, all we get are some screams - all the skinning takes place behind closed doors.


Josh's buddy - the one who was killed in the werewolf attack - is back from the dead.