TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 209 - "When I Think About You I Shred Myself'


Being Human Episode 209

"When I Think About You I Shred Myself"

Written By: Michael Ostrowski

Directed By: Stefan Schwartz

Original Airdate: 12 March 2012

In This Episode...

Josh gets a huge surprise when Stu shows up at the hospital. Stu was the friend Josh went camping with who did not survive the werewolf attack. Stu tags along with Josh when he and Julia go out for drinks and try to make a go out of the "just friends" thing. Stu keeps an eye on them and reminds Josh that he and Julia are all or nothing - and Stu recommends the nothing. His words of ghostly advice don't work, and pretty soon Josh and Julia are at her house, kissing and undressing and falling in to bed together. It is then that we see that Stu has possessed Josh so he can have sex with Julia. When Josh wakes up in the middle of the night and has no memory of going to bed with Julia - but sees Stu sitting in the room, he figures it out, and the pair go outside so Josh can yell at him. Stu admits that he has been in love with Julia since the moment he met her, and he came to Boston to see her, not him. 

Aidan has brought skinless Henry back to the house to recuperate. He brings a couple compelled girls back to the house for Henry to feed on to speed up his healing. While he chaperones the feed (the idea behind two girls being that Henry can take a little from each and everyone leaves alive), Aidan flashes back to when he sired Henry. Aidan was a soldier in France in WWI, and Henry worked in a field hospital. When Aidan came in with a dozen bullets, he was not expected to make it through the night. He begged Henry to remove the bullets anyway, and naturally Aidan begins to heal. While Henry sees it as a miracle, an injured French soldier starts screaming about Aidan being a vampire. Henry first shrugs it off to superiors as delusions from a dying man, but he has seen Aidan's healed wounds. He knows it to be true. When Frenchie attacks Aidan with a stake, Henry intervenes and is staked himself. It's go time, and Aidan destroys the camp, leaving only Henry alive - and immortal. Aidan comes out of his daze, back to the present when the compulsion wears off the girls, and they start screaming. Acting on instinct, Aidan snaps their necks - and realizes what he has done. Henry is healed now, and Aidan takes care of the mess, but not before Josh comes home from his ill-fated night with Julia. He immediately figures out what happened, and isn't happy about it. But for the moment they have bigger fish to fry.

Sally and the reaper head out to the park, where Sally is tasked with shredding an old man who is currently possessing a child. She can't quite do it and the reaper has to finish the job. Sally is distressed at the thought of having to reap, so she turns to Zoe and Nick for help. They have never heard of a reaper, but suggests she comes to the ghost support group and ask them. Unfortunately, when Sally gets there, the reaper beat her to it. The room is a wreck, all the ghosts are gone, and Zoe is completely traumatized. The reaper laughs. Sally is upset and goes home with the intention of locking herself inside a circle of salt. Nick appears and she begs him to help her. He tries to calmly explain that there is no such thing as a reaper. The reaper is sneaking up behind Nick, Sally is screaming, the reaper starts reaping, Nick starts begging Sally to stop - and that's when we see it. Sally is the reaper; the reaper is a split personality of hers. She has gone crazy. Aidan and Josh arrive in time to see her shred Nick. The boys try to calm her down, but it only infuriates her. Aidan neutralizes her with an iron fire poker, and this keeps her down long enough for them to capture her in a thick circle of salt. When Sally comes to, she asks for help, and Josh's first instinct is to help her. Aidan stops him, and she takes on a demonic, possessed voice and starts screaming at them.

Dig It or Bury It?

Finally - all this darkness is leading somewhere. While I still think the characters are best when they are interacting with one another and utilizing their awesome chemistry together, I am glad to see that the storylines are taking interesting twists. I am especially intrigued by Josh's storyline. The Josh/Julia thing was boring the hell out of me, so this new wrinkle of Stu essentially raping both of them finally brings something interesting to their dysfunctional relationship. I am not sure how I feel about Sally going crazy and evil. I might be happier when there is a little more explanation to it. I'm just glad it went somewhere. 

Bloody Hell

We finally get to see skinless Henry, and boy was it worth it. They did a hell of a makeup job on him - dark and bloody with a hint of musculature beneath the gore. When Aidan first brought him to the house, he was covered with a cheap blue plastic rain poncho. His hands and feet were wrapped in thick gauze that was soaked through with blood - and stuck to Henry's body when Aidan tried to remove it. When he moved, his body made wet sounds. In other words, it was a gory delight.

Jolly Good Fun

Sally to Aidan, referring to Henry: "I'm not baby-sitting your meatsicle."

After Aidan snaps both girls's necks, Henry starts drinking from one and says to Aidan, "Five second rule."


The boys bring in Zoe to help them with Sally, who has gone from catatonic to Linda Blair.