TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 210 - 'Dream Reaper'

Being Human Episode 210

"Dream Reaper"

Written By: Keto Shimizu

Directed By: Paolo Barzman

Original Airdate: 19 March 2012

In This Episode...

Sally has been unconscious (or whatever the ghost-equivalent is) for hours and the boys are scared. Aidan goes for Zoe - she is the closest thing to a ghost expert that they know. She does not yet know that Sally shredded her boyfriend, and Aidan is perfectly fine to keep it that.

At the house, Aidan explains the situation to Zoe. This is the first Josh is hearing of a "reaper," and is furious with Aidan for keeping it a secret. Zoe suspects that this reaper that Sally has created is actually an alternate personality. Much like someone with multiple personality, Sally is struggling between her self and this hellspawn-self. In Sally's brain, she is being held hostage by her "perfect life." Chic and well-off, she is living in the same house - with a swank, modern makeover - with her fiance, Scott. Scott is the reaper. The boys try to reach her, talking to her, trying to break through, but at every turn, Scott blocks the way. Aidan "instant messages" Sally; Josh's image is reflected in the toaster; and she hears voices calling for her. Every time she starts to remember her real life, Scott pulls her back in.

Hellspawn Sally places an invisible forcefield around the house, trapping everyone inside. She also tells Zoe that she shredded Nick. Enraged, Zoe is plenty happy to just wait Sally out, but things get worse: tonight is the full moon. And Aidan is going through severe withdrawal. Wanting to save her own life, Zoe decides there is one more thing she can try: she can tap into Sally's subconscious and actually enter her mind. It is difficult and dangerous, but it has to be done.

While Zoe is unconscious, in Sally's mind, things are deteriorating between Josh and Aidan. Josh's werewolf hormones are raging; and Aidan is going through intense withdrawal. When Josh's back is turned, Aidan goes for Zoe. He gets a couple sips from her before Josh sees and pulls him away. The only way to get Aidan under control is for Josh to offer up his own blood. Aidan doesn't want to - werewolf blood smells bad - but he does. He is good for a few moments, but he soon collapses into convulsions.

In Sally's mind, Zoe has made contact and talked to Sally, breaking down her walls, and making Sally remember what is real and what isn't. She finally connects and manages to break from her fantasy. She - and Zoe - wake up in the house. The forcefield is down, and Sally is Sally - no more hellspawn. Sally has her moment with Josh before sending him off to lock himself up. Then she has her moment with Aidan before he has to go lay down. Finally, her moment with Zoe. Zoe is furious with Sally for shredding Nick, and vows to never forgive her for it. Sally is alone now, but not really. Scott is still there. "I can't leave. I am a part of you. Now I wait for you to slip."

Dig It or Bury It?

At times, this episode was a bit overwrought. Emotions ran almost melodramatically high. I can't get too peeved about it, because both Josh and Aidan's dispositions were completely in-character. Zoe was a little obnoxious. What kind of life did she really believe she could have with a ghost? Sure she won't get to spend eternity with him, but she is young - she will meet someone new to be her soulmate. I appreciated that we finally got an episode with the roommates all together again. Sure, Sally was mostly unconscious, and everyone was PMSing, but that chemistry was there. Also, I loved the style of Sally's dream house: black and white mod with punctuations of plum in her and Scott's clothing.

Myths Revamped

Werewolf blood is, apparently, smelly and tastes awful to vampires. But it appears to be an effective drug. After two hits from Josh's wrist, Aidan is wired and twitchy. But that effect only lasts a minute. Then Aidan is on the floor, convulsing, with blood spilling out of every orifice.

Jolly Good Fun

Josh: "What is the non-corporeal version of water in the face?"


After Mother shows up to scold Suren, she makes a new plea to Aidan for him to run away with her.