TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 212 - 'Partial Eclipse of the Heart'


Being Human Episode 212

"Partial Eclipse of the Heart"

Written By: Lisa Randolph

Directed By: Adam Kane

Original Airdate: 2 April 2012

In This Episode...

Henry's attack of Aidan in the motel parking lot was all a set up. The boys turn on Mother's goons, then Aidan stakes Henry just outside the heart, so he can return to Mother with battle scars and prove his fealty to her. Suren is jonesing bad for blood. Aidan begs her to hold on a little while longer, because he has a plan. He drives out to Pennsylvania Dutch country and wakes up Hadley, insisting they give him and Suren a place to lay low until the heat dies down and they can get further away from Mother. Hadley refuses, until Aidan threatens to reveal that it was really Aidan who killed the purebred werewolf. It was that pelt that garnered Hadley a place at the top of the Dutch power pyramid. So Hadley agrees, and Aidan returns to collect Suren. He finds the motel room empty. Suren has returned to Mother with her tail between her legs.

Sally is determined to make things right with Zoe, especially when she notices that she is no longer guarding the nursery. The whole incident with Reaper Sally led Zoe to give up on the whole medium thing. Sally won't let her, and begins following Zoe around, repeating historical speeches, poems, and other filibuster nonsense until Zoe can't take it and finally acknowledge's Sally's existence. While the two are walking in the park, a solar eclipse hits, and suddenly Walter, a ghost that Sally shredded, appears, brought back to earth by the eclipse. Since that was where Sally shredded him, she assumes that Nick will show up at her house, and tells Zoe to meet her there. Nick is, in fact, at the home, curled up in pain. Danny is also there, but her first concern is Nick. He begs her to save him from going back to what can best be described as limbo. Zoe rushes in and gets to say her goodbyes to Nick. Nick lies to her and assures her he has finally found peace. Zoe forgives Sally and promises to return to helping ghosts. Meanwhile, Sally gets a bit of closure with Danny, when he admits that he deserves where he ended up.

Things are going well with Josh and Julia. Josh pays a visit to Ray, trying to pull together the courage to kill him and sever the bloodline, but then he sees Ray getting hugs and kisses from his wife and son. Ray spots Josh and comes over to him, but with no ill will in his heart. He explains to Josh that he told his wife about who he was and they worked through it. He advises Josh to do the same. Josh is strongly considering it, but first he must get through drinks with Julia and her former maid of honor, Chelsea. Naturally, Chelsea hates Josh, but by the end of the day it seems that a peace has been brokered. Chelsea leaves, and Josh puzzles over whether or not to tell Julia about his wolf, but his wolf decides to tell her anyway. The solar eclipse starts wreaking havoc on Josh and he begins to change. He races from the restaurant, desperate for someplace to lock himself up. Julia gives chase and catches up with him in an alley. With no escape, Josh finally turns and faces her: fang, claws, and all. Horrified, she backs away - right in front of a car. Josh rushes to her aid, but his transformation is progressing steadily and there s a crowed of concerned onlookers gathering. Satisfied that Julia will be cared for, Josh runs for safety. He returns when the danger is over, and sits next to Julia, bloody and dazed, on the curb. Josh finally tells her the truth, but it is too late - he watches the EMTs put Julia's corpse into the ambulance. He is talking to a ghost. But now she understands why he left, and that understanding brings her door.

Dig It or Bury It?

Enjoyable for the most part. I found the whole thing way too predictable, but I am starting to think that I have just seen too much genre fare to be surprised anymore. Of course Suren was going to go back to Mother; I was amazed she lasted as long as she did. Of course Julia died - she had to so Josh can go back to Nora. Of course Nick was going to lie in order to repair the relationship between Zoe and Sally. Danny finally admitting he got what he deserved was a bit of a cop-out.

Jolly Good Fun

Josh needs some advice, so he goes to Sally. Opening up with "If you were a woman" is not the way to get on Sally's good side.

Myths Revamped

The solar eclipse causes shredded ghosts to return from limbo, and werewolves to spontaneously transform. Strangely, it doesn't seem to have an effect on vampires. Zoe says the "duality of the sun and the moon" causes the two planes of existence to merge.


In the season finale, both Aidan and Josh are plotting murders to avenge their women. Josh plots against Ray, and Aidan plots against Mother.