TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 213 - 'It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To'


Being Human Episode 213

"It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To'

Written By: Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke

Directed By: Adam Kane

Original Airdate: 9 April 2012

In This Episode...

There is more to the werewolf cure than Nora told Josh. If Josh kills Ray, everyone in his bloodline is cured; every werewolf he made, and every one they made, would all be cured. So now he is determined to kill Ray - something which Nora does not want him to do. Sally possesses Ray's wife and calls with car trouble. When Ray shows up on the country road, Josh surprises him with a gun and marches him into the shed in the woods. Aidan is supposed to meet him there to help Josh kill him, but as you will discover shortly, he is a little busy. Josh hesitates and Ray gets the upper hand. Nora, having run into Sally who accidentally let Josh's plan slip, shows up with her own gun, and a Mexican standoff ensues. The picture dips to black, and two gunshots fire.

Aidan decides that he must kill Mother in order for he and Suren to be free of her rule. He enlists Henry's help to tie up a bandana when Mother is asleep, the only time Aidan has a chance of killing her. But Henry gets caught and it quickly turns into a trap for Aidan. Mother's goons beat him up, then deliver him to Mother's cocktail party, at which she announces Suren will take her rightful place as head of the Boston vampires. In order to prove herself, Suren must kill Aidan. She cannot bring herself to do it, and collapses in tears. Mother cradles her daughter - than stakes her in her arms. Aidan is then put to ground in the same grave that once held Suren.

Sally is desperate to get to limbo. She can get there if she takes another ghost's door, but that runs the risk of making the other ghost go crazy. She calls for her mother and begs her to shred her. Her mom refuses, and insists that she wants to use this newfound time to get to know her daughter better. This causes her door to appear, and she insists Sally take it. Sally refuses, not willing to risk turning her mom crazy. So instead, Sally shreds herself. As the episode comes to an end, a radio clicks on in the empty house. The dial scrolls until Sally's voice can be heard, begging Aidan and Josh to help her. "I made a big mistake."

Dig It or Bury It?

It's interesting that this season deviated completely from the British version of the show - until that last scene. In the British version, Sally appears in a staticy TV screen, but she is lost and needs help. The construction of this episode was quite good, balancing tension among the three storylines, but there were no surprises or twists of any kind. It was a good way to end the season, but a "safe" way to do so.

Jolly Good Fun

Sally: "So you two are about to go on two separate killing sprees for women. That is so totally hot."

Bloody Hell

All the time that Suren was underground, Aidan visited her grave every year on the anniversary of her burial. Mother's way of marking the occasion was to drink herself stupid. She left her victims hanging grossly from meathooks in her root cellar.


I hope next season isn't quite as dark.