TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 301 - 'It's A Shame About Ray'



being humanBeing Human Episode 301
“It’s a Shame About Ray”
Written By: Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke
Directed By: Stefan Pleszczynski
Original Airdate: 14 January 2013

In This Episode...

Season three picks up 15 months after season two ended. When we last left Sally, Aidan, and Josh, they had all be separated. That day in the woods with Ray, Nora shot him, but merely wounded him, then encourages Josh to finish the deed. He can’t - until Ray attacks Nora and tries to strangle her. Josh grabs a rock and bashes his skull in. The next full moon, Josh discovers that killing Ray did indeed cure his lycanthropy - but the effect did not trickle down. Nora is still a werewolf, and would have to kill Josh for her cure. 

Sally is still in limbo with Stevie and Nick, and desperately tries, over and over, to get back into the real world by going through the (locked) door of her apartment. It hasn’t worked so far. 

Aidan is still underground, and is losing his mind. He imagines scenarios with Josh and Sally to try to stay sane - but it’s not working. Relief comes, in a way, in the form of Mickey, slovenly man who digs Aidan up and puts him in a Saw-like head trap. Mickey takes him to a blood-covered basement, where he is strapped down and drained of blood. A disease has been spreading amongst vampires, leaving pure blood a rare find. A buyer comes to purchase some of Aidan’s pure blood, but he kills Mickey and “rescues” Aidan. It is Hadley, one of the Dutch contingent. Hadley has been tasked with bringing Aidan back to the nest of the Dutch - what few remain. Much of the vampire population has been killed by this disease. In the car, Aidan attempts to grab the wheel, but he is too weak. Hadley stops and decides to drain Aidan himself. Aidan’s pure blood doesn’t cure Hadley like he was hoping. He returns to driving, deteriorating quickly, and exploding into dust. The car spins out of control, and Aidan, exsanguinated almost dry, is too weak to grab the wheel. The car crashes into a power pole; Aiden is thrown free, and Aidan lays there, willing himself to stay alive.

The bulk of this episode is Josh and Nora-centric. They have spent the last 15 months talking to every psychic they could find in hopes that one of them could locate Sally, and they have asked every vampire they come across if they know where Aidan is. Obviously, they have not had success. One psychic - the one who came to the house to exorcise Sally from (I think) the first season - arrives, but is spooked when she remembers the bad mojo of the house. She directs them to Donna Gilchrist, a cook at a soup kitchen.

Donna isn’t a hippie-dippy psychic; she is a witch. She can help Nora and Josh find Sally, but she needs three things: $2000, Sally’s body, and the heart of a person that they killed. Josh is traumatized, but digs up Ray’s body from the woods and steals his heart (remarkably moist for having been dead for 15 months - and a head that is not crushed.) Digging up Sally’s body wasn’t an issue. They bring it to Donna, who will use the heart to create a salve, which will repair Sally’s body (so she doesn’t come back a rotting zombie.) In order to bring Sally back, she has to go all the way, necessitating the body. Sally will be corporeal again. She chants, and they wait. It has been hours, and Josh is growing more anxious. Donna explains that limbo is vast and limitless, like the sea, and it is up to Sally to choose to take the life raft back to life. Sure enough, she sees the (metaphorical) life raft and goes through the door. Of course, Sally being Sally, insists that Stevie and Nick go before her, in case the door shuts behind her. Back in the real world, Josh and Nora see the corpse stir. It worked - Sally took the life raft. Nora and Josh bring Sally back home and sit over her, waiting. She wakes and Nora peels back the mummy-like wrappings, revealing Sally is in a fresh, non-decomposed state. She wrestles to speak, finally choking out “Stevie” and “Nick.”

Dig It or Bury It?

The TV show about a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire living together have now added a witch and a zombie to the mix. Has Being Human official jumped the Sharktopus? I’m willing to give it a chance, but tonight’s episode was just flat. I really hope that Stevie and Nick are trapped in Sally’s body with her.

Myths Revamped

According to Hadley, this vampire plague that is wiping out the species is nothing more than the flu. A vampire drank from a human with the flu, and it spread to the rest of his hive and, well, the flu vaccine doesn’t work on vampires.


Sally is going to decay - but at least she gets to change her outfit.