TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 302 - '(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'



being humanBeing Human Episode 302
“(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
Written By: Nancy Won
Directed By: Adam Kane
Original Airdate: 21 January 2013

In This Episode...

By way of cleaning up the Stevie and Nick storyline, they are there, corporeal, happy. Nick goes off with Zoe; Stevie decides to hitchhike across the country and lose his virginity. And that’s it. They are gone - fine by me, I never really liked either of them.

The blood that Hadley had been transporting had spilled, allowing a weak Aidan to get enough blood to get himself upright. Josh is shocked to get the call from him, and he, Sally, and Aidan enjoy a very happy reunion. Aidan is still weak; it takes him a moment to realize that Sally is corporeal (and it’s not until later in the episode that he realizes that Josh “doesn’t smell like dog.”) Back home and cleaned up, the gang catches up a bit. Nora and Sally go do girly clothing things while the boys catch up. Aidan is starting to get the blood hunger, and despite Josh’s desire to help, has to go at this alone.

So let’s follow Aidan. He first visits Tracy, the blood hooker. She’s not pure, but she gives Aidan the info of a guy who is rumored to have clean blood. Aidan and the guy do a deal for newborn baby blood in a back alley (always a good sign) but Aidan is quickly set upon by a group of werewolves (in human form.) He is too weak to fight back, but is saved by Henry. Both men are surprised to see one another. Henry brings Aidan back to his house and introduces him to his girlfriend, Emma. Emma never got sick, so her blood is still pure. Henry offers her to Aidan so he can get his strength back up. They go into the bedroom; both are nervous. Aidan tries to open the window and finds it sealed shut. He soon realizes that Emma is a virtual prisoner, kept there by compulsion and fear. Henry will not let her leave the house for fear that she will get sick and he will lose his food source. Aidan returns to Henry’s house the next day and frees Emma. Henry is not too happy.

Tonight is the full moon, so Nora will be in solitary. She knows that Josh spends his evenings sitting outside, just in case she needs him; she insists that he go out and enjoy himself. He and Sally go out to dinner. While out, an old friend, Trent, recognizes Sally. She and Josh both fumble with an explanation; finally Sally says she faked her own death to get away from her abusive boyfriend. She begs Josh to go so she can spend some more time with Trent. Josh, with many, many misgivings, goes to sit at the bar until Sally comes up, breathless, asking for Josh to give them a few hours of alone time at the house. Sally is ready to get her freak on. There is some debate over whether or not Sally’s organs can function sexually - she is ready to find out. Against better judgement, Josh agrees. Back at the house, Sally invites Trent inside, but he is not feeling well and wants a raincheck. Clearly, Sally’s zombie saliva is poison. They make a date for tomorrow. Josh, in the meantime, spent the night enjoying the full moon and contemplating asking Nora to marry him.

In the morning, Sally is eager for breakfast (she has missed food even more than sex.) Josh will take her as soon as he goes to get Nora - and proposes to her. Sally begs him not to, not after she has spent the night as a wolf. Sirens draw them to the window, and they see Trent being zipped into a body bag. Josh is convinced that this is the price you pay for ignoring the witch’s admonition to not see people from your past.

Liam, Brynn and Connor’s dad, is in town looking for his daughter. He found Connor, his head mounted on the wall of a vampire nest. He dusts them all and vows revenge. He comes to town and follows Nora’s scent into the storage unit, desperate to know where his daughter is. Nora swears she doesn’t know. She hasn’t seen Brynn in a year, when their time in New York was too much for her. Liam doesn’t quite believe her, so he seals them both into the storage unit, convinced that he can sniff the truth on her as a wolf. When Josh comes back in the morning, he finds a hole has been ripped out of the unit’s door and blood is all over.

Also: an awkward moment between Aidan and Sally, in which he cannot get over her being corporeal, leads me to believe that they will sleep together within the first half of the season. Unless she decays before then.

Dig It or Bury It?

Being Human is taking an interesting turn. Two out of three roommates are human now. Well, I don’t really count Sally as human. At best, she is corporeal. At worst, she is a zombie. I am glad to have the gang back. I am especially intrigued by the idea of a virus that is killing off the vampire population. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any other film or TV show that had a plot like that.

Myths Revamped

Some new strain of the flu went around recently. It knocked humans on their ass but (most) were fine. Unfortunately, if a vampire drank from a human who had the virus, it becomes deadly. Sally offers herself for Aidan to feed on, but because she is reanimated, it would be like drinking vampire blood - no sustenance .

Jolly Good Fun

When Sally first sees Aidan, she comments that he “looks like a 1970s serial killer.”


Nora is clearly fine, as she shows up in the “scenes from next week” clip. She and Josh are counseling a newly-turned werewolf.