TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 303 - 'These Teens, They Are a Changin'



being humanBeing Human Episode 303
“These Teens, They Are a Changin’”
Written By: Mike Ostrowski
Directed By: Adam Kane
Original Airdate: 28 January 2013

In This Episode...

Nora is fine. Liam doesn’t want to kill her - she is the only link he has to Brynn. Nora returns home unscathed, and the whole Liam storyline is over for tonight.

At the hospital, a teenage girl named Erin is being difficult. A street kid, she is there for treatment of a badly infected wound that was the result of a “dog” attack. Josh and Nora know this was no dog. They falsify her charts so she can be admitted to the hospital. Her social worker comes to collect her, but Nora and Josh won’t let her go. She gives up, washes her hands of Erin, and leaves. Nora and Josh later take Erin home, planning to help her get through at least one transformation. Josh is nervous, but Nora sees a lot of herself in the girl. Naturally, Erin doesn’t believe what they are telling her until they show her a video of Josh changing. Josh takes the girls into the woods, where Nora will help her through her first transition. Josh is scared, and brings a pistol just in case Erin turns out to be more like Brynn than Nora. Erin changes first, and attacks Josh’s car. Nora, also in wolf form, gets the weregirl off the car. Josh is scared and has his gun at the ready, but then he sees the two werewolves nuzzle each other, like mother and child.

Sally feels bad about killing Trent, and finds his ghost at the funeral home. He is not happy to be dead, and is even more pissed when he discovers that Sally kinda-sorta-shoulda known that he would die. To assuage her own guilt, she insists on helping Trent get his door. He begrudgingly goes along with it, and thinks that he owes it to his fiancee to let her know that he was on a date with Sally when he should have been home with her. Sally goes to the funeral home and gets the girl, Candace, alone. She won’t listen to Sally, until Sally blurts out that Trent was making out with her the night he died. It turns out that Candace had been cheating on him, too - for more than a year. She had felt guilty about this, but feels better knowing that “Trent knew we weren’t right for each other, too.” Trent is devastated and refuses any more of Sally’s help. He does, however, get his door. When he walks through, he ends up in the soup kitchen, with an ill Donna waiting for him. She hacks him through with a meat cleaver, and Trent explodes into a pile of sawdust. Donna immediately begins to eat the Trent dust, her face becoming smoother and more youthful as she does.

Henry is not dealing well with the blood shortage. Aidan has been taking his time, chatting up people, becoming their friends, in order to weed out the (likely) clean walking blood bags. Henry is impatient and desperate for his next meal the way an addict is desperate for one more hit. Somewhat reluctantly, Aidan asks Josh to help them out. Josh is working admitting at the hospital, so Aidan just wants a little bit of info on patients who never caught the flu. Josh refuses, but eventually gives in - only after Aidan swears that this is a “catch and release” program. No one will die. He slips them the info of a blue collar family man who lives in the suburbs. Henry can’t wait and attacks the man violently. Aidan pulls him off, and the man runs. In the struggle, Aidan sees the deathly bruising on Henry’s chest. He admits he was weak; the hunger got the best of him and he got infected blood. Now they are just waiting for Henry to die.

Dig It or Bury It?

This felt like a “nothing” episode. It went nowhere; it added nothing to whatever slight mythology Being Human may have. It felt like, with the minor exception of Henry and Aidan, and the predictable inclusion of Donna, these stories were all one-offs. I am really starting to lose interest in this show.


Aidan is going through blood withdrawal. He’s got the blood sweats. The blood DTs. Aidan’s hungry.