TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 305 - 'Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth'



being humanBeing Human Episode 305
“Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth”
Written by: Chris Dingess
Directed By: Jeff Renfroe
Original Airdate: 11 February 2013

In This Episode...

Sally and Max have been flirting pretty heavily, but Sally has a minor problem to deal with: Linda, Max’s mother. Linda is a ghost who has been keeping her eye on her son. Nick and Zoe are coming over for dinner, and Sally asks Max to join them, her chicken shit way of asking him on a date. Linda appears during dinner, and is suspicious that Sally is hanging out with a bunch of other people who can see ghosts. Everyone goes home for the night, and as Max is leaving, Sally leans in for a kiss. Max panics and leaves. The next day at work, things are awkward, and Max admits he regretted not taking that kiss. They kiss now, and end up having sex in the middle of the funeral home. Afterwards, Sally is ebullient; Max is guilty. He quickly gathers his clothes and goes back to work. Linda appears, furious with Sally for “stealing her boy’s flower.” Ew. The two get into a screaming match and Sally stomps off. She later finds Max washing the hearse, and coldly tells him she is quitting and didn’t expect to take a job where she would be abused. Clearly, this isn’t Sally. Linda is waiting for Sally when she wakes the next morning and we learn that Linda has possessed Sally’s body in order to break the two up. Sally goes to Zoe for advice, and she gives her a pendant that will bind her soul to her body so she cannot be possessed. Sally marches back to the funeral home (after hours) and sets about to exorcise Linda. Linda tries to possess her but she is “soul blocked, bitch!” Sally begins the exorcism, and Linda begins to cry, explaining she just wants what is best for her son. Sally takes pity on her, but they seem to reach an understanding. Sally meets Max at a bar and apologizes, saying she wasn’t herself and asking for a do-over. He agrees and they kiss. Linda is there, watching happily.

Next, Aidan. Aidan’s hunger is growing worse. He is being haunted by a couple of girls he killed recently. He is weak and short-tempered. Nora is actually worried that he is going to slip up and go on a killing spree. The bloody hallucinations he is seeing convince him to start siphoning blood from Kenny the bubble boy. The two bond over horror flicks while Aidan draws his blood. But when the day nurse comes by in the morning to draw more blood, Kenny gets suspicious. He tries capturing Aidan on video, has him stand in front of a mirror, places him in the direct sunlight from a window, and shows him a crucifix his grandmother gave him. Clearly, Aidan does not have the desired reaction, so one night, while Aidan is drawing more blood from the boy, Kenny flat-out asks if he is a vampire. Aidan laughs it off and puts him on a “horror movie detention.” The next night, Kenny apologizes, and Aidan brushes it off. The two watch TV together, and Aidan does not take blood. Both he and Kenny fall asleep and Aidan is woken by the day nurse, who accuses Aidan of something unseemly because she knows he has been taking extra vials of blood from the boy. She promises she is going to report him. Aidan tries to compel her, but it doesn’t work. He reaches out for her, and as if by instinct, snaps her neck. Then he freaks out over the dead nurse at his feet. Kenny is still asleep, and Aidan gives in and feeds off the nurse. Then he wakes up. This was another nightmare. Aidan wakes up all vampy (eyes black and fangs out) but there are no dead nurses in the room. There is, however, an awake Kenny, who sees every bit of Aidan’s vampy display.

Finally, Josh and Nora. They have the weakest story tonight. Liam is still hunting vampires, and his thugs meet Aidan in an alley one night. Unlike the other vampires, who were easy pickings, Aidan is strong and easily beats the thugs. Liam goes to Nora and Josh to tell them that Aidan is standing in the way of his dream of an extinct vampire race. Either they kill Aidan, or he kills them. Josh and Nora are on edge, trying to figure out how to handle the situation. Josh is horrified when Nora doesn’t immediately discount killing Aidan. He takes a gun and pays Liam a visit, promising that they won’t kill Aidan, and he will do whatever it takes to protect his “pack,” his family of Aidan and Nora. Liam is none too concerned over Josh and his piddly little gun. Liam later goes to see Nora and Josh, and has a peace offering for them: Erin. Erin apologizes for running away, and Nora takes her in to feed her while the menfolk talk. Liam informs Josh that accosting him with a gun was a stupid, stupid thing to do - but it was also brave. “You have a full family now. Take better care of them than I did.” While I suspect this is not the last we will see of Liam, I don’t think he will be an immediate threat.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked this episode. There wasn’t anything I could specifically point to that made it stand out, but I have just enjoyed the direction the characters are going in. We have put aside enough of the angsty drama to make the show more fun. Don’t worry, the angst is still there - mostly from Nora and Josh’s side of the story.

And by the way, is this not the worst title ever? “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth.” Really? Does this just refer to the way Sally wolfs down waffles or is there something more... just more going on here?


The cat is out of the bag, and now Kenny wants to be made a vampire. Sally runs into her brother on the street and, in a panic, threatens Donna to lift the curse.