TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 306 - 'What's Blood Got to Do With It?"



being humanBeing Human Episode 306
“What’s Blood Got to Do With It?”
Written By: Kate Burns
Directed By: Mairzee Almas
Original Airdate: 18 February 2013

In This Episode...

Sally’s brother, Robby, comes around. Sally panics and hides while Josh and Aidan meet him. He says he is the new landlord. (In actuality, he is just trying to scam a couple months rent from his dad, the true landlord.) Sally didn’t realize he is back in town and is terrified of bumping into him, thus dooming him to death. She is being super crazy, but Max still agrees to let her stay with him for a few days in the hopes that her brother will clear out of town quickly. He’s kind of a drifter screw-up. On the way home to pick up a change of clothes, Sally bumps into Robby - who seems unfazed by running into the sister who is supposed to be dead. Sally is in full panic mode and makes Josh take her to see Donna. She is desperate to save her brother, so Donna makes a deal with Sally. Her brother will be safe, and anyone she sees that knows her will be safe. In return, when Sally dies, Donna gets her soul. Sally agrees, against Josh’s advice. I have to assume that from this moment forward, strange accidents will befall Sally.

Aidan reluctantly returns to work and tries to pretend like Kenny didn’t see anything untoward. It doesn’t work, and he gives in and answers Kenny’s questions about vampirism. When Aidan explains to him about the virus, he insists Aidan take extra blood for himself. “I would hate to think I scared away a friend because he was too proud to accept help,” Kenny tells him in order to persuade him. Aidan agrees and takes a few extra vials while telling Kenny about how he became a vampire (Bishop found him while at war and promised to spare the rest of his unit if he agreed to become a vampire.) Kenny then broaches what he has been dancing around the whole time: he wants Aidan to make him a vampire. Aidan warns him that it is not all its cracked up to be, but Kenny turns 18 in a year. The day after his 18th birthday he is walking out of his “bubble,” whether he is a vampire or not.

Josh is having a hard time with Erin, but one day he comes home and finds she has cleaned up the living room and is taking a nap. He goes out to buy a treat for her, thinking they have moved into a better place. Erin was not sleeping, and as soon as Josh is gone, she jumps into action. Splicing in flashback scenes with Erin and Liam, we discover that he has welcomed her into his pack. She is no longer an orphan; she is part of his family. He needs her to help him kill Aidan. Liam tells Erin to taint his blood with some of her blood. When Aidan is weakened by the werewolf blood, Liam will swoop in and land the killing blow. Erin does just that, and hides while Aidan chokes on the poisoned blood. She texts Liam to hurry over - then stands over Aidan with a wooden stake while she waits.

Dig It or Bury It?

I wanted to pull out my hair out watching Aidan’s “origin story.” Besides the fact that he had a horrible accent (I said Irish; my husband said Scottish or British. Either way, it was terrible) it was the same old story we have seen in a zillion vampire stories: a time of war and a young soldier trying to do the noble thing by taking the hit from a vampire in order to save others. Boring.


I’m guessing that shit will hit the fan when Josh walks in on his young charge (that he doesn’t like or want around) is trying to kill his best friend for a werewolf who wouldn’t mind Josh dead.