TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 308 - 'Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland'



being humanBeing Human Episode 308
“Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland”
Written By: Nancy Won
Directed By: Kelly Makin
Original Airdate: 4 March 2013

In This Episode...

Nora is still on edge. She sees the two bloody undie girls that Aidan killed and it reignites her distrust of Aidan and her thirst for revenge. Josh tries to get her to blame Liam. She even seeks Liam out for answers. He has none, but I think Liam is starting to believe that Nora knows more about Brynn than she is saying. When she sees Aidan at work, she agrees to be cordial - at least until they discover what really happened with Erin. Later on, Josh proposes, and Nora says yes. 

Not wanting to upset Nora any further, Aidan tries to break his date with Kat, but she won’t let him. He sticks around for her lecture and they chat after. Liam and two goons approach them. Kat is worried, tries to make up a reason for Aidan not to go with them, but he does, and assures her it is fine. Of course, later that night, when she hasn’t heard from him and he doesn’t answer his cell, she calls Josh and tells him what happened. Josh immediately packs a werewolf hunting kit and heads out to Liam’s home, a remote estate behind huge gates.

Liam has brought Aidan there to torture the truth about Brynn out of him. Aidan won’t talk, doesn’t know what happened to her. I have to say, as far as vampire torture goes, The Vampire Diaries has a much better handle on it, but Liam’s torture of Aidan wasn’t terrible. He was crucified into a stress position, beaten with a sledge hammer, stabbed with a knife, and (my personal favorite) choked with razor wire. Liam grows tired of this and decides he will find Brynn on his own. He loads up a syringe with infected blood and comes at Aidan with it. As the needle touches his flesh, Aidan finally admits - he killed Brynn. This, of course, is a lie, but it is enough of a stall that Josh makes it into the dungeon and shoots Liam away before he can inject Aidan. Josh fills Liam with enough bullets so that he can free Aidan before Liam finishes his transformation. Werewolf-Liam catches Josh at the top of the stairs. Josh stabs him with a knife, which sends him back into the dungeon, giving Josh enough time to lock the heavy steel door. Of course, this isn’t fast enough, and Josh has been scratched. As the two go home, Aidan admits that he confessed to Brynn’s death because he was already dead either way - at least he could protect Nora.

Meanwhile, Sally is decaying. She hides it with hats, but pretty soon those aren’t going to cover it. She takes an inordinate interest in Max’s mortician’s makeup, and steals a few jars. Max catches her and thinks that she is a drug addict, nicking formaldehyde to huff. Sally tries to talk her way out of it, but gives up and finally tells him the truth, the whole human-to-ghost-to-resurrection ordeal. Max thinks she is crazy (literally) and offers to help. Sally shows him her decay. Max can’t handle it.

After letting it sink in for a few hours, Max goes to visit Sally with a weak apology for the freak-out. He has his makeup kit with him and covers up her decay. Sally doesn’t know what the long-term prognosis is, but Max promises to take it one step at a time. Of course, this is when Josh and Aidan come in, both battered and bloodied. Max offers to call 911, which elicits a panicked, unison “No!” from the three roommates. Max is mad (again) with all the secrets. Sally seems on the verge of telling him, but changes her mind. “They’re not my secrets to share.”

So at the episode’s end, we have a badly broken Aidan who, despite not having been injected directly, has signs of the virus spreading slowly through his hand (maybe the vial of blood Sally gave him from the fridge wasn’t so pure after all); Josh, who is now a werewolf again (though I would have thought the first time around would have inoculated him against it); and Sally finally realizes that her voracious appetite can only be sated when she digs into a huge platter of raw hamburger meat. (Earlier in the episode she went to Nick to ask him if he was decaying. He said he wasn’t and hurried her out of the house. We later saw that he was, in fact, decaying, and to stave it off, he was eating live cats.)

Dig It or Bury It?

I like that things ended on a down note. It just worked. I am curious to see how this will go. Will cures be found for all in the nick o’ time, as happens with most shows? Or will they kill off Sally and Aidan, like the UK Being Human did with its original cast? (The werewolf and the vampire were killed off in season three, with the ghost “ushering” in new ones before she herself died.) Most of the episode was fairly uneventful, but it was a good hour of television.

Oh, and also... Kat had a throwaway line about the reason she got into the Revolutionary War was because she had an ancestor who was a war “hero.” I bet that she and Aidan are somehow related.


I bet the roommates are looking back fondly on the days when Aidan was just a regular vampire, Josh was just a first-time werewolf, and Sally was still a ghost.