TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 310 - 'For Those About to Rot'



being humanBeing Human Episode 310
“For Those About to Rot”
Written By: Chris Dingess
Directed By: Paolo Barzman
Original Airdate: 18 March 2013

In This Episode...

Sally gets a panicked call from Zoe. She goes over, and discovers that Zoe beat Nick to death with a baseball bat after he tried to eat her. She is freaked out. Nick’s ghost appears and explains to them what is happening. He doesn’t blame Zoe for what she did, and on the upside, he gets his door. He does tell Zoe to stay away from Sally because eventually, she will succumb to the hunger. With Josh’s help, the two bury Nick’s body deep in the forest. Josh then accompanies Sally to Stevie’s parents house. They desperately want to track him down before the hunger gets him, too. They are surprised to see Stevie at his house. He invites them in, and initially lies about his parents being out of town. On an innocent trip back fromt he bathroom, Josh wanders through the kitchen and sees an arm hanging out of the breadbox. Stevie admits that he couldn’t stay away and had one blissful night with his parents. When he woke the next morning, they were both dead, victims of the witch’s curse. The arm that Josh found did not belong to Stevie’s dad - it belonged to the mailman. Stevie is wracked with guilt and has spent every day contemplating suicide. Remembering how hard it was the first time has prevented him from doing it, but now that Josh and Sally are here, he begs them to kill him. Sally flat-out refuses; she still believes Stevie can come with them and eventually they will find a cure. But Josh takes pity on Stevie and does the deed himself. Sally is concerned that she will be next, but Josh is adamant that she is stronger than Stevie and Nick. Stevie gets his door, but Sally is alarmed. She tries to stop Stevie from going in, but it is too late. Stevie’s door was identical to Nick’s door, and no two people ever have the same door.

Aidan seems to be sleepwalking - he wakes in an alley, dressed but with no shoes on, after an evening spent reading. He has also been having dreams and flashbacks to his human life. His first child was stillborn, and afterwards, their reverend shamed them openly in church. Aidan believes that it is a personally vendetta against him because Susanna chose Aidan over the reverend. Aidan stops going to church, which brings the reverend around to further antagonize Aidan. Aidan slugs him, which upsets Susanna. Eventually, they have their son. Now, in 2013, Aidan and Kat go on their second date to the Boston Book Archives, where she shows him a book published by an ancestor, Edmund Waite. Aidan looks at it fondly, remarking that Edmund was his father - er, he means great, great, great etc. grandfather. While there, they run into Jeff, Kat’s former boyfriend of four years. They get out of there and go back to her place for wine. She was Jeff’s student, and they lived together, but after four years she finally mentioned wanting to have a family, and Jeff backed off, saying he didn’t want anymore kids (he had two from a previous marriage) and didn’t believe in marriage. Kat moved out the next night. In order to put Kat at ease for her over-sharing, Aidan admits that he can’t have children. He wants children, he just can’t physically have them. As the night winds down, she kisses him goodnight. The kiss grows passionate, and Aidan licks her neck. He pulls away, saying they were too raw to go any further after their intense conversation, so he leaves - but he is filled with regret, and weighs his options on the street. He ducks behind some bushes, downs a bag of blood, and goes back to Kat. “Screw it.” And screw it they do. Aidan again wakes in the middle of the night, finding himself in another alley. He picks himself up and stumbles away. He does not see Jeff nearby, dead behind a car, with puncture wounds on his neck.

Also: Josh goes to visit Peter at his Winnebago, and discovers a trio of vampires gorging themselves on Peter’s sweet, vaccinating blood. They are about to eat Josh, too, when the girl vamp reminds him that Josh is strictly off-limits. Instead, they knock Josh out and continue their meal.

Dig It or Bury It?

Another good episode. After a crappy season two, things are finally getting back to good. The producers have figured out a way to make each character have an interesting storyline and still allows them to, you know, interact with each other. I am enjoying Aidan’s storyline, but not for the obvious reasons. I am just waiting until Kat finds a historical photo of one of Aidan’s ancestors that is just way too identical, or something like that. I assumed that was where their story was going when it turned out she was a history professor; the trip to the archives tonight just solidified that. I still really like the show’s take on zombies - it’s a really elegant way to do it.  But I am still thinking that Josh may not actually turn wolf. He smelled the arm in the kitchen (that could have just been rot that any human could smell) but he couldn’t see Stevie the ghost. If he is a werewolf again, I assume that the scratch would have led directly to wolfism - no first change necessary.

Jolly Good Fun

Josh: “I can’t believe how unremarkable burying a corpse has become.”

Aidan to Sally: “You are one of the only people I know who is less weird as a ghost than a person.”


Nora promises to help Sally find food, and Josh and Nora are very close to their wedding. So close, Josh is taken to a bachelor party. With vampire strippers.