TV Recap: 'Cult' Episode 105 - 'The Kiss'


cultCult Episode 105
“The Kiss”
Story By: David Kemper 
Teleplay By: Lindsay Sturman
Directed By: Tim Hunter
Original Airdate: 22 March 2013

In This Episode...

Jeff discovers a photo of Nate with a guy named Dustin. They were in recovery together. Nate goes to visit Dustin, find his mom, who does not have anything nice to say about her son. She just knows that he has joined a “new religion.” She knows he is going to “some party” and feels like “nothing good” will happen at that party.

That party is a promotional “Cult” party at the studio. Two hundred fans get to attend a “Cult” costume party - plus one very special guest, Mike, who paid a lot of money to get a private set tour with Marti. She’s not happy, but Mike turns out to be cute. Skye brings Jeff as her +1 - but just as friends. Roger brings Kirstie and promises to only stay as long as necessary. She is disappointed; she thinks the party is fun.

Let’s start with Jeff and Skye. Skye’s makeup artist friend Lexi gives her a drink spiked with a drug that was floating around the party (something that the cult takes in the show) that is either acid or X. Skye only gets a sip, but the effects are fairly fast: she is dizzy, loopy, sees colors, and gets a little giggly. Lexi points out the guy who gave her the drugs. It is Dustin. Jeff and Skye give chase and find an unseen person giving Dustin hell for bringing drugs to the party because “it was all set.” This person slaps Dustin twice, and he hands over the drugs. Then we see who his abuser is: Detective Sakelik. Skye starts feeling the effects of the drug, so Jeff takes her someplace to sit. He goes and confronts Sakelik, but can’t say anything about her involvement. Instead, he tells her that he heard something was “going to go down” at the party tonight, and he wanted to let her know because if she was there and saw something, maybe she can stop it from going down. “Just letting you know that I know,” he says, a veiled threat that if something does go down and Sakelik doesn’t attempt to stop it, he is going to tattle.

Meanwhile, Marti and Mike are on their private tour. He seems pretty normal, so Marti isn’t too concerned when Adam, her bodyguard, falls a little behind. Mike really wants to see Temple Rock, a set where Billy and Kelly had an especially important and meaningful scene (see below). He begins arguing with her on the subtext of the scene, which makes Marti start to worry - he is taking it too seriously. This aggravates Mike, so Marti starts to indulge his rambling. It is too late, and Mike devolves into his fantasy. He calls Marti “Kelly” and starts to get handsy, throwing her against a “rock” wall and starts strangling her. Jeff, meanwhile, had found Adam knocked out, and rushes to find Marti while others call the police. It is not Jeff who pulls Mike off of Marti; it is Dustin and two other cohorts. They start beating Mike soundly while Jeff, having just arrived, checks on Marti. Dustin was there to protect Marti from “nutjobs like you” who bragged online about what he was going to do to her. A van rolls up. Sakelik and a couple other true believers are inside. They collect Dustin, his boys, Mike, and Jeff, and roll off before Skye and security show up.

Sakelik drives them to an alley somewhere and dumps Jeff out. She asserts that she is a cop first and that Mike wanted to upset the natural balance. “You have no idea what you have stuck your nose into,” she warns, then writes a web address on his arm. “That is why you are still alive.”

Jeff returns home, where a worried Skye is thrilled to see him. They check out the website together. It is a video from today, with Nate tied up. He has a plea to Jeff: “I’m okay, but if you keep looking for me, I won’t be.” Nate has some info that the true believers want, and he promised it to them under the condition of safety for Jeff. The message has an auto-destruct code: it deletes itself as soon as it finishes.

Now let’s get back to Roger’s part of the story. He is taking a break from the madness with some quiet time outside. A well-dressed (and not in character) man named Stuart comes over to chat. Roger puts his game-face on, but Stuart assures him that he doesn’t have to play that game with him. He is not the fan; his date is. Stuart compliments him on an obscure film from the 1990s that should have made Roger a legitimate movie star. He also compliments him on his classic car. Kirstie comes out looking for Roger, and Stuart heads back inside to find his date. Roger is left mystified. The next morning, Kirstie is leaving Roger’s house and she drives past Stuart, who is down the block. They give an acknowledging nod to one another. She continues and we pull back to see Sakelik is in Stuart’s passenger seat.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was actually a pretty decent episode. You know why? They kept it simple. We got a few new wrinkles (like Nate’s message to Jeff and the fact that they want something from him) and got a couple little answers (like the detective and Jeff aren’t hiding from each other anymore, and revealing more about the players in the cult). Still a lot of cheesiness (the kiss and the whole premise of the party), but it was a surprisingly enjoyable hour of television. 

Life Imitates Art

We get a scene with Kelly and Billy at Temple Rock. This is Kelly’s induction to the cult. He gives her a tab of acid, takes one himself. They stand before a bonfire, a group of followers standing in a circle around them. Billy undresses Kelly and throws her silky white gown into the fire. “Do you give yourself to this joining?” he asks. “With all my heart.” “Then say you are my only love.” She responds with a passionate kiss.

Later, at the party, they play this scene and the DJ holds a contest to see if anyone can top the passion of the scene. Several try; no one is impressed. The spotlight falls on Skye and Jeff (of course). Jeff gives Skye a quick peck, which doesn’t satisfy the crowd. So Skye, already tripping balls, gives Jeff a big, passionate kiss. Um, yay?


Skye is having hallucinations that Billy is stabbing everyone around her. These visions drive her crazy and put her in the hospital. Frankly, it looks kind of dumb and unoriginal... I guess we will have to wait until next week to see if it is.