TV Recap: 'Cult' Episode 106 - 'The Good Fight'



cultCult Episode 106
“The Good Fight”
Written By: Megan Lynn & Wade Solomon
Directed By: Martha Coolidge
Original Airdate: 29 March 2013

In This Episode...

The day after the party, Skye is having hallucinations. This quickly leads to her collapsing in the middle of Jeff’s apartment. At the hospital, Skye is unconscious, but the doctor says her brain activity is off the charts. He doesn’t know what is wrong with her, and won’t if Jeff can’t get a sample of the drug she took. The doctor is worried that if he can’t get the drug, Skye may face permanent brain damage.

Jeff tries to get some more drug from Lexi, but she is of no help. She also doesn’t have Dustin’s contact info. Jeff has one last resort: Detective Sakelik. He enlists in EJ’s help to get Sakelik’s address, but Burt intercedes. He doesn’t want EJ wrapped up in this nonsense. Instead, Burt will get the info from his contacts, and go with Jeff. They roll up at Sakelik’s house and discover she is in the front yard, tending to her roses. Jeff is still determined to get the drug, so Burt distracts Sakelik while Jeff sneaks inside. The doctor said the drug was unstable and had to be refrigerated, so that is where Jeff looks. He hits paydirt in the freezer and escapes as Sakelik comes inside for a soda. She notices the freezer is ajar, and the back door was left open.

Jeff returns to the hospital with the drug, the docs reverse engineer it, and find a cure for Skye. Hand-cut roses are delivered to Skye... with a note that says, “Sorry to hear about your friend Burt.” Jeff goes to the ER and sees paramedics rushing Burt in, a gun shot wound to the chest. EJ is there, hysterical, saying that it was a home invasion. But Jeff sees Sakelik in her car across the street - this was a warning.

Meanwhile, in Skye’s fevered dream state, she envisions herself in the world of “Cult.” She is one of Billy’s would-be followers. He is encouraging her to “give up” and “let go.” Kelly does the same, and most distressing, Skye’s father. Clearly they want her to remain in a coma. Clearly, Skye doesn’t give in.

Dig It or Bury It?

Meh. Nothing happened in this episode. We learned nothing about the “Cult”-iverse, it was just a lot of bullshit whining disguised as a dream. Boring.


Apparently Burt is dead. I think I am supposed to care about that... but I can’t muster the interest.