TV Recap: 'Death Valley' Episode 107 - 'Who, What, When, Werewolf... Why'


Death Valley Episode 107

"Who, What, When, Werewolf... Why"

Written By: Jenifer Rice-Genzuk

Directed By: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Original Airdate: 17 October 2011

In This Episode...

It's Carla's birthday. She and John-John find a zombie digging through a trash can. There is a sanitation strike in the city, so any zombies they kill, they have to dispose of. John-John wants to turn this one over to Billy and Stubeck so they don't have to drive around with it, but Carla is too by-the-book and demands he retrieve the zombie as her "birthday" gift. John-John obliges, and as he is stuffing the corpse in the trunk, he sees the zombie is wearing a Rolex, and snatches it to give to Carla. She appreciates the gesture, but turns it down and insists he put it back on the corpse. As they are driving it suddenly becomes very clear that the zombie wasn't dead as it bursts through the back seat and tries to attack. Carla shoots it again - this time, for good.

Kirsten has started dating a guy named Travis. Stubeck doesn't trust Travis, and for good reason: he is a werewolf and Kirsten has no idea. Stubeck follows the couple on a date. Travis starts wolfing out as they are driving and flips the car. Kirsten pulls herself out of the car and runs, but hits a dead end. She tries talking down Travis, but it doesn't work. Stubeck shows up in the nick o' time and shoots him.

Stubeck caught the license plate of the vamp that attacked him. He makes Billy promise he won't chase him down alone. So Billy doesn't - he gets Daschle to go with him. They fight the vampire in a massage parlor and fry him in a tanning bed.

Dig It or Bury It?

Tonight's episode felt more cohesive than a lot of other episodes. And it was funny as hell. I still feel like there is no through-line from episode to episode. Like whatever happened to those vampire parties? Tonight's episode felt like it wrapped up everything and was a neat, one-off episode. I hope more of the episodes go this way.

Undead Tee-Hee Force

When John-John returns to the car with his zombie trophy, he tries to put it in the back seat. The sound guy freaks out. "No way I'm sitting with that thing on my lap. I get paid less than an intern. I'd rather just quit."

Daschle's Wisdom

"Excuses are the nails you use to build a house of failure."


This was the least gory episode so far. It was disappointingly so. One zombie, one werewolf, and one vampire turned into a crispy critter. Weaksauce.


Carla goes undercover as a vampire hooker.