TV Recap: 'Death Valley' Episode 108 - 'Undead Hookers'


Death Valley Episode 108

"Undead Hookers"

Written By: Matt Lawton

Directed By: Austin Reading

Original Airdate: 24 October 2011

In This Episode...

The cops are all given "look-see" devices: tiny cameras that fit over the ear like blue tooth headsets. When Billy and Stubeck answer a zombie sighting at a crack house, another uniform gets bitten and runs off, infected. The guys follow him based off the location of his look-see and see what they think is a vampire giving the zombie his backpack. When the guys finally reach the look-see, they find it attached to some kid's car antenna. The guys never find the infected cop, but we see him go into a convenience store, with the backpack, obviously packed with explosives and blowing the place up.

The captain is worried that blood-for-sex trade is worse than ever, so he sends Carla undercover as a vampire hooker to trap some johns. She sets up in a motel, with John-John observing behind one-way glass. The first john who comes in sends John-John into a jealous rage, but the second guy - who turns out to be a vampire - causes him to cower as the vampire nearly kills Carla. Eventually, John-John shoots the vampire and he and Carla embrace.

Dig It or Bury It?

Kind of a weak episode, honestly. First off, Kirsten was not in this episode at all, with no explanation for where she is. There was very little gore - in fact, there was very little monster stuff in general. It was a really talky episode. Billy and Stubeck are hilarious, so that was fine. But the whole Carla and John-John thing was, really, almost nonsensical. John-John gets jealous and nearly kills a guy, but then when Carla is in real trouble, he cowers for no reason, then shoots blindly in hopes that he will hit the vampire and not his partner? Nonsensical!


Nothing! No blood! Death Valley has gotten me used to a certain level of blood n' guts, and I didn't get it in tonight's episode. Boo!

Undead Teehee Force

Upon approaching what is thought to be a zombie crack house, Stubeck isn't sure he can differentiate between a zombie and a crackhead. "I'm not a zombie. I'm just majorly addicted to crack," the crackhead informs them. Stubeck is surprised that he is a "nice crackhead."

When Daschle decides to send Carla undercover as a vampire hooker, he says that she will be "fulfilling a life-long dream." "I've never dreamt of being a vampire hooker," Carla points out. "I didn't say it was your dream," Daschle clarifies.

Daschle: "[Billy and Stubeck] got outrun by a chubby hooker in stilettos."

Billy: "She wasn't that chubby."

Daschle: "She is when I tell the story."


Kirsten gets kidnapped (shouldn't that episode have aired first, as a way to explain her absence from this episode?) and the officers teach kids how to kill zombies.