TV Recap: 'Death Valley' Episode 112 - 'Peace in the Valley'


Death Valley Episode 112

"Peace in the Valley"

Written By: Eric weinberg

Directed By: Peter Lauer

Original Airdate: 21 November 2011

In This Episode...

Kirsten visits Natalie at the hospital, where she has been volunteering. Natalie is mad that Kirsten lied to her about who she is, but she opens up and admits that Rico and his friends drugged her and gang-fanged her. She is not sure if she was fully turned or just infected, but she is not happy about it. Kirsten goes to Dashell with this information, and he is pissed. Stubeck and Pierce are meeting with two of Santos's goons to set the parameters of the peace accord, but now Dashell wants nothing to do with those "monsters." Kirsten convinces him to go through with it, nothing that there are thousands of other girls who face the same fate if something isn't done.

Dashell goes to meet Santos, taking Stubeck and Billy with him for backup. Santos has his own backup, vampire versions of Stubeck and Billy. The agreement is that the vampires will quit their drug and prostitution trade, and not turn any new vampires in exchange for being allowed to set up legitimate businesses and otherwise be accepted as equal members of the community. As Dashell and Santos are signing, a crazy shapeshifting demon-lizard-human beast attacks. The beast attacks Santos alone by sticking his long tongue down Santos's throat and ripping his heart out before bounding out of the restaurant, shifting back into human form, and catching a bus.

Carla is visiting with John-John, still in traction. She is annoyed with the way he and his night nurse, Aurora, are flirting, so she ducks out for some food. Something Natalie said earlier worried Kirsten, so she calls Carla with a heads up. While Carla is gone, Aurora and the other night nurses - all vampires - are injecting their patients's IVs with blood, sending them all into seizures. Before John-John can be dosed, Natalie bursts in and the two women fight mightily. Carla comes in and garrotes Aurora with "get well soon" balloons while Natalie stakes the vamp with a lamp. Kirsten rushes in and comforts Natalie while Carla goes to John-John - who slept through most of the battle - and kisses him passionately.

Dig It or Bury It?

Best episode of the season! The show has finally hit its stride, a balanced combination of humor, continuing plot arcs, character growth, and monsters. I totally dug the new demon creature at the end, and was impressed with the quality of graphics - especially after the shitfest that was the werewolves on Teen Wolf.


It wasn't a particularly gory episode - a zombie wanders in during the pre-peace summit. What was badass was to see the vampires use mind control. The younger vamp gets blood eyes and uses his mind to drive the stumbling, bumbling zombie out into the street. The four of them follow and the older vamp takes over. With a little concentration, he makes the zombie explode in a vicious fountain of blood and goo.

Undead Teehee Force

Dashell: "I trust vampires as far as I can throw them. Which isn't very far. Unless they're dwarfs, in which case I can throw them about 16 feet." He proceeds to ramble on about a contest he entered in New Zealand, after which he tore his rotator cuff. Later in the episode, Dashell is showing Kirsten the golf club Santos sent him as a gift of good faith. "I didn't know you played," says Kirsten. "I did. Until I tore my rotator cuff. Fucking kiwi dwarfs!"


Death Valley has not officially been picked up for a second season, but it seems like a fair bet they will - if for no other reason than to wrap up the story properly!