TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 602 - 'Once Upon a Time...'


Dexter Episode 602

"Once Upon A Time..."

Written By: Tim Schlattmann

Directed By: SJ Clarkson

Original Airdate 9 October 2011

In This Episode...

Dexter is not happy to see Brother Sam come into the precinct. When Dex "knew" him, he was a stick-up man turned killer that skated on murder charges. Dexter was about to deliver his own justice when Sam got caught in a drug sweep and spent a handful of years in prison. Sam swears that his years inside reformed (hence the Brother part). Sam runs an auto body shop that employs similarly reformed ex-cons, but one of his "reformees" fell off the wagon and killed a girl; Dexter thinks Sam is on the same path. Sam knew Omar, the man who was beheaded and disemboweled.

Seeing Sam as his next victim, Dexter starts his stalking by intentionally backing his car into a wall, then bringing it to Sam's shop for repair. Later that night he follows Sam to a house. A gun goes off inside, and Sam emerges with a body over his shoulder. The body goes into the trunk and Sam drives off, Dexter in pursuit. They end up back at the garage. Sam catches Dexter sneaking around; he claims he came for his garage door opener. The man that Dexter thought was dead, Nick, is in the garage, smoking a cigarette. He had shot at Sam; Sam knocked him out. Nick was getting back into drugs, and Sam wasn't going to let that happen. Some gangsters pull up, there with a gun to collect Nick. Dexter joins the fray and scares them off with his police badge. Later that night, Dexter runs a quick search on the lead gangster, Julio Benes, and discovers he was a suspect in a neighborhood disappearance. Since Sam seems to be clean - for now - Julio is next on Dexter's list.

Quinn is finally successful at asking Deb to marry him. The problem is that Deb isn't ready to give an answer. At work, Deb is called into the chief's office - she is being named the new lieutenant. Overwhelmed by everything, she stays with Dexter for a couple days. After getting Batista's blessing, Deb accepts the position, and turns down Quinn's proposal - she doesn't want things to change. Quinn does - he wants her out of the apartment and out of his life. Laguerta is seething when she hears that Deb is the new lieutenant. She apologizes to Batista, but he is very serene about it - until Laguerta claims that Deb was given the job to spite her. Batista is furious that she would denigrate Deb like that - she earned this promotion. At the press conference to announce Deb's new position, Laguerta makes sure she mentions that Deb only became the detective she is under Laguerta's supervision. Quinn is shocked. Dex is very proud.

Travis has a strained dinner with his older sister. He rushes through it, then goes back to Professor Gellar. Gellar is offended that Travis would choose to spend time with someone who "can't be saved," rather than with him, who is there to take care of him. The words don't hit home for Travis until Gellar burns himself with a white-hot piece of rebar, to suffer for Travis's sins. So Travis heads out and finds a new victim and make Gellar proud.

Dig It or Bury It?

By far, the most interesting arcs tonight were Deb's sudden life changes. I don't know what it is, but I can't get into either Sam or Travis and Gellar's storylines. It's still early, I know. But Travis is a little hysterical, and I do not understand why Dexter has such a hard-on for Sam. There are plenty of other really bad guys out there. I'm just happy there were no snakes in this episode.

Like Father, Like Son

Harrison is still young enough that Dexter doesn't hide every detail of his personal life very well. When Harrison starts talking about "daddy's box," Dexter realizes things need to change. Instead of monster stories before bed, he gets The Three Little Pigs. And Harrison gets his own - empty - slide box to play with. "He won't remember daddy's box if he has one of his own."

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

Nothing extraordinary tonight, but his new lab assistant, Ryan, is a hot young blonde. Just based off the looks Masuka was giving her behind her back, Batista warns him against sexual harassment... but Ryan promises she doesn't mind when he looks.


Hey Deb, you're going to be the new lieutenant. "[Laughs]. Right, me. Lieutenant." Beat. "Fuck balls. Really?"


A serial killer from Dexter's past, dubbed The Tooth Fairy, resurfaces. We learn more about what Travis and Gellar expect from those they are trying to "save."