TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 605 - 'The Angel of Death'


Dexter Episode 605

"The Angel of Death"

Written By: Scott Reynolds

Directed By: SJ Clarkson

Original Airdate: 30 October 2011

In This Episode...

While "autopsying" the angel wings from last week's victim, Dexter notices a patch job was done. An analysis reveals that the patch was done using the same materials used in manuscript restoration. He heads to the local art museum, hoping to talk to a restorer. A snotty docent makes him watch a filmstrip on restoration, but it works in Dexter's favor: Travis is one of the restorers in the video. It doesn't take much effort for Dexter to locate Travis. Snooping around his apartment, Dexter finds a large, old bible that has page numbers clipped out - a matchto the numbers they found on the victims. He waits for the young man after work, in his car. Travis gets in, not noticing Dexter in the back seat - until he garrotes him and tells him to drive. Travis swears he has never killed anyone, he was too weak. It was always Professor Gellar who did the killing. Dexter believes him, and lets Travis go.

The case against Professor Gellar is heating up. Batista and Quinn travel to Tallahassee to speak to Cassandra Porter, Gellar's former lover and teacher's assistant. She is convinced Gellar had nothing to do with the Doomsday killings, but hasn't spoken to him in years. Quinn starts flirting with her and despite Batista's warnings, they wind up in bed together. Batista shows up at Cassandra's apartment the next morning to collect his partner. While waiting for Cassandra to retrieve him, he starts picking through an old file box marked "Gellar." Inside, Batista finds a leather-bound journal filled with writings and drawings that mimic the crime scenes precisely. Cassandra confirms that Gellar wrote all of it.

Also: Deb and Jamie are at each other's throats. Masuka has a new intern, Lewis, who helps him cover up the Ice Truck evidence leak. Travis and Gellar decide their next victim will be representative of the whore of Babylon. Dexter and Sam become very chummy. Sam is gunned down in his own garage.

Dig It or Bury It?

Kind of uneventful. There were no big revelations; no shocking twists. Nothing special, nothing to set it apart from any other episode. It felt like filler.

Body Bags

Dex doesn't kill tonight, but Anderson calls him to consult on a crime scene. Dexter wastes no time determining it was a murder-suicide. Once he rolled over the woman and found the gun stuck to her belly in a pool of coagulating blood, Dexter knew the entire scenario. Later on, Deb rents out that house for herself. It's a beautiful place on the beach, and she got it for a steal because she wasn't bothered by the deaths, but knew that potential renters would be.


Deb wants to "find that jizzbucket Gellar."


I am a sucker for the previews - it looks like it's going to pick up next week. Dexter forgets about  the Doomsday Killer in order to focus on Sam's shooter. Clarissa is brought in for questioning and she lets it slip that she and Quinn had sex, which rocks Deb's world in a very, very bad way.