TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 606 - 'Just Let Go'

Dexter Episode 606

"Just Let Go"

Written By: Jace Richdale

Directed By: John Dahl

Original Airdate: 6 November 2011

In This Episode...

Dexter has to put aside his Travis surveillance when Deb tells him that Brother Sam has been shot. The working theory is that it is revenge for Julio's death, perpetrated by Julio's second-in-command, Leo. The cops surround his house and a shoot-out ensues that leaves Leo dead. In his house is the security video from the night Sam was shot. There is no clear face shot, but the perp was wearing the same sweatshirt Leo was. Evidence is circumstantial, but it should be enough to bring to court. Something doesn't sit right for Dexter though. He watches the video again and realizes that Eli the guard dog is there - but he doesn't bark. There are only two people that Eli doesn't bark around: Sam and Nick.

Sam comes out of his coma, though briefly. He insists on seeing Dexter, and tells him he must go to Nick and forgive him. Dexter is the only one he trusts with this task. He knows about Dexter's darkness, but he also sees his light - a light Dexter doesn't believe he has. He struggles with this dying request. Shortly after Sam passes, Dexter steps outside and runs into Nick. They go for a drive and end up at the beach where Sam baptized Nick. Dexter works on this "forgiveness" thing. He wants to know why Nick killed him. At first, Nick just "doesn't know." Then he says it was because Sam promised him a better life, and he didn't get it. The Locos wouldn't take him back until he proved himself, and that meant shooting Brother Sam. Then he laughed. He laughed because he was going to get away with it - there was no evidence. This pushes Dexter over the edge. He tackles Nick into the ocean and drowns him.

Quinn and Batista have been going through Gellar's boxes and discovered his research on a cult called Anneserat. This cult believed that Revelations was a guide to bringing about doomsday, and Gellar believed he had unlocked the pattern, which included seven human sacrifices. Years earlier, he staged an art installation on campus. A photo from the installation showed a naked woman with a dead lamb on her head. Quinn recognized the tattoo on the woman's back as belonging to Professor Porter. She is brought into the station as a material witness, and as she is being questioned, she mentions her night with Quinn, which shocks Deb, watching from the observation room. Later, Deb has a housewarming party, and Quinn shows up drunk with a random girl he met at a bar. As soon as she finds out this is his ex's party, she scrams. He tries to get handsy with Jamie, and Batista slugs him.

Gellar leaves Travis to mark the girl they captured, their "whore of Babylon." Travis seems to be having a crisis of faith. The woman has a son, and begs to be let go. "I know you are a good man," she insists. This gets through to Travis, and he takes her to the beach - and sets her free.

Dig It or Bury It?

I've got to be honest: the majority of this episode disappeared from my brain the moment I saw the preview for next week's episode (see below). It was a very average episode.

I think we all agree that Professor Gellar is just in Travis's head, right? He may be dead, with Travis keeping his corpse like in Psycho; he may just be off the grid. But in either case, it seems pretty safe to say that Gellar is not physically with Travis. So if Gellar is all in Travis's mind, and Travis is having idealogical differences with Gellar, I can see only one way for this to end: suicide.

Flashback to the Future

Dexter is confused by his frustration when he finds out Sam has been shot. Harry reassures him that it is okay to be upset over Sam's shooting. "He understands your darkness. But he sees your light. I wish I had," Harry says wistfully. For Dexter, "what ifs" are a waste of time. He's accepted his Dark Passenger; Dad should as well.


Deb, to Quinn: "I could give a fuck who you fuck. Just don't fuck with my investigation you fuck." 

Body Bags

Sam passed on peacefully; Nick did not. Dexter drowned him, against Sam's last wishes. To be fair, Dexter did try to give Nick a way out. He tried forgiveness, but Nick shit on that forgiveness and rubbed it in Dexter's face. So he still deserved it, no matter what Sam said.


Forget Travis and his troubled mind. The ghosts of Dexter past are coming back! The Ice Truck Killer is taking Harry's place as Dexter's ghostly confidante, and a Trinity copycat is wreaking havoc on Miami.