TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 607 - 'Nebraska'


Dexter Episode 607


Written By: Wendy West

Directed By: Romeo Tirone

Original Airdate: 13 November 2011

In This Episode...

Deb brings Dexter into her office to tell him that Trinity has struck again, in Nebraska, this time killing his wife Sally and daughter Rebecca. Son Jonah claims he was attacked, but fought him off. Naturally, Dexter assumes Jonah is the killer since he killed Trinity. Dexter is torn, though, because Jonah was always very close with his sister and mother. Brian, now taking Harry's place as Dexter's "spirit guide" (or imaginary friend, or whatever you want to call him) reminds him that homicidal tendencies may very well be genetic - and looks pointedly at Harrison. That settles it: road trip time.

Dexter has what is essentially a manic episode. He stops at a gas station for nachos and a quick fuck with the cute clerk, grabs the gun behind the counter and continues off. He speeds down the road, shooting at street signs, clearly out of control. In Kearney, Nebraska, Dexter does directly to the hardware store where Jonah works. Jonah knows who Dexter really is, not a difficult fact to piece together when Rita's death hit the news. The two talk. Dexter said he lied about his name to protect his family; Jonah's family felt that Dexter had tried to help them, so they collectively decided to leave him out of the info they gave to the Feds. His story is consistent with the one Deb told Dexter: he came home, found his dad beating his mom with a hockey stick, took the weapon away and chased him off. It was too late for his mom, and Becca was already dead in the bathtub. Jonah is suspicious about why Dexter is there, insists he is fine and that Dex return to Miami.

Instead, Dexter checks into Nebraska's answer to the Bates Motel. Norm, the guy who runs the place, is suspicious of "city folk." He promises to fix Dexter's busted tire while he heads into town for a bite. He takes a shortcut through a cornfield and discovers Norm's plot of weed. Norm is not happy about this. When the car is fixed, Dex heads over to Jonah's house to find his evidence. All the while, Brian is ridiculing Dexter for his "morals" and his code. Dexter is unnerved to find his knives and forensic kit missing from his trunk. He makes due with rubber gloves and a flashlight. Inside the house, Dex smells bleach, but still finds a couple spots of blood that Jonah missed. Jonah comes home and flips out when he finds Dexter there. They stand off, with Dexter admitting he killed Trinity and Jonah admitting he killed his mother and sister. Then he pulls a totally juvenile move: he jumps in his car and peels out of the driveway.

Dexter now needs to get his weapons back. He confronts Norm in the shed, and Norm doesn't try to hide the fact that he has all of the weapons from Dexter's car, including the gun. Norm tries to blackmail $10,000 in exchange for the weapons and his silence. Dexter doesn't take kindly to threats, and kills him in a rage. This pleases Brian greatly. 

The moment Dexter and Brian have been waiting for: Jonah calls, and wants to meet at the closed hardware store. Dex is only too happy to oblige. There, Jonah comes at him with an enormous gardening hook (or something big and curved and weapony). Dexter subdues him easily, and chokes him to the ground. "Kill me," Jonah begs. "Go on, kill me." This confuses Dexter, and the truth finally comes out. Sally blamed her kids for the reign of terror her husband carried out. She loved him to her dying day. Rebecca killed herself, and when Jonah found her, he blamed Sally for driving her to it. He admits beating her to death, but Dexter can't kill him. He is riddled with regret. Brian yells at Dexter, but Dexter can't kill Jonah - he has a conscious. He is not a lost cause. Instead, Dexter turns his rage on his brother. Jonah follows Dex to his car, begging him to kill him. "How can I live with myself?" he cries. "Forgive yourself," Dexter grumbles before he "hits" Bran with his car and the apparition dissolves.

Back at Miami Metro, Deb is flipping out without her MIA brother. Holly, the woman that Travis abducted and later released gives her statement: she didn't see the men who held her, but there were two. A younger man and an older one he referred to as Professor. If Gellar's accomplice was a former student, that would leave them with a suspect pool of roughly 4500 people. Lewis writes a quick computer program and narrows that list down to 200 or so. Travis is on that list. 

Meanwhile, Travis is making strides to cut Gellar out of his life. He moves in with his sister for awhile, and delivers to Gellar a bag with some of this things (books and such). Gellar tries to guilt him into staying, but Travis wants to be free of him. So Gellar tells him he is free.

Also: Jamie and Lewis have started dating; Quinn and Deb make up but, for some reason, Deb is still adamant that they are over; and Gellar guts a gator (I love alliteration).

Dig It or Bury It?

I was really looking forward to this episode... perhaps too much, for I felt a little let down afterwards. Brian was too stereotypically the devil on Dexter's shoulder (at least they didn't explicitly make Harry the angel on his other shoulder). I suspect that the Jonah/Trinity storyline is over before it really got going. In general this episode felt out of place, like "Let's take a break from the Doomsday Killer to indulge in some nostalgia. We'll pick back up with Travis and Gellar next week." I still sense that the pieces will tie together by season's end - at least, I hope they do.

Flashback to the Future

As Dexter approaches the Miami city limits, he stops to pick up a hitchhiker: Harry. "Welcome home, son." It is a very sweet moment.


Deb, frustrated and agitated, calls Dexter for the millionth time: "Where in fucktopia are you?"

Body Bags

Norm's murder is a brilliantly simple, effective scene. He comes towards Dexter, and Brian stabs him with a nearby pitchfork. The camera pans around Norm, and when we get to the other side, we see Dexter actually wielding the farming weapon. Obviously Brian couldn't really hold the pitchfork. It was just a seamless, natural portrayal. Then, since there was no ocean nearby, Dexter dumps his body in a grain silo.


Travis becomes Deb's number one suspect, and Dexter is a little sad that he is no longer his secret. Gellar seems determined to bring Travis back into the fold - even if it means kidnapping him. I still think Travis has a split personality.