TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 608 - 'Sin of Omission'


Dexter Episode 608

"Sin of Omission"

Written By: Arika Lisanne Mittman

Directed By: Ernest Dickerson

Original Airdate: 20 November 2011

In This Episode...

Having now figured out that Gellar is working with a partner, likely a former student, Dexter must act fast to get ahead of Deb. Dexter visits Travis at work, wanting to know why he let Holly go. He admits that what Dexter said stuck with him. Dexter wants Travis to help him end Gellar, but Travis doesn't want to partner with a different sociopath; he just wants to live a quiet life. Dexter is determined to get Travis to help. He finds him at a diner and shows him a passage in Brother Sam's (bloodied) bible which talks about sins of omission. Travis admits he is more concerned with Lisa's safety than his own, and he agrees to help when he gets Lisa out of town for the weekend. Travis is waiting for Lisa to finish up her classes but before the bell rings, Gellar surprises him, knocks him out, and chains him up back at the church. 

Dexter gets called to a new DDK murder tableau. Set up on the elementary school playground, the tableau is hidden behind lush fabrics. Within is the whore of Babylon: a woman in scanty clothing with a huge mask on her head. Masuka removes the mask, and reveals the whore to be Lisa. Safety pinned to her skin is Deb's business card (she spoke to her the day before while looking for Travis) and now feels responsible for her death. No numbers on the body indicates to Dex that Travis was not involved with this one. A ripped seam and a tag on one of the curtains that reads F. N. Galway. He links this back to a retired Father Galway, in a nursing home with dementia. Galway is of no help, but one of his nurses reveals an interesting tidbit: his church has been abandoned since Galway left, about ten years ago. Dexter heads there immediately and finds Travis chained to the floor, but Gellar is nowhere to be seen. Travis's eyes flick up to the loft, but Dexter finds no one, assuming Gellar climbed out the window. Travis, enraged that Gellar killed his sister, agrees to help Dexter kill Gellar.

Deb accepts Dexter's sincere apology at disappearing for five days. She accepts, but only because she needs his help on DDK (and because she can't stay mad at him). When looking for a pen in Dexter's bag, she finds one from the Shady Lane motel in Nebraska. Dex admits he went there, wanting to commiserate with Jonah over having lost loved ones to Trinity. Deb is hurt beyond words, reminding Dexter that she lost Lundy because of Trinity. She opens up about it to her shrink, who thinks that Deb needs to try to focus on Dexter's issues. She asks him to dinner, but he just wants a quiet night at home, so Deb decides to surprise him by cooking dinner. Dexter comes home to tuck Harrison in before heading to the abandoned church, and is surprised by Deb. The two have it out, but Dexter can't let the opportunity escape him, and he bails, leaving a furious - and hurt - Deb in his stead. 

In addition to DDK and brother drama, Deb has Laguerta drama (when doesn't she?) Anderson caught a call about a dead hooker in a high-end hotel room. It looks like she died of a heroin OD and hit her head on the bathroom floor on her way down (facts which the ME confirms) but Dexter's blood analysis reveals another person had been in the room. Laguerta pushes hard for Deb to clear the case, which naturally makes Deb suspicious. Laguerta finally "admits" that the com-stat conference (where the department must present their case-closure rates) didn't do well and she was worried about how it would reflect on Deb - and herself. Deb agrees to close it, but as we all know, that wasn't the real reason for closing the case. Laguerta was covering for Matthews, who was with the hooker when she died.

Also: Batista makes veiled threats to Lewis about him dating his sister, so Lewis backs off. Quinn is still hurting from his breakup with Deb, and drunkenly begs a Thai stripper to marry him.

Dig It or Bury It?

Kind of an okay episode. There were no surprises here. Lisa was marked for death from the second she appeared on screen. The moment the dead hooker appeared on screen it was obvious she would be tied to Matthews. Of course Deb finds out that Dexter is lying to her; she always finds out. Of course Gellar evaded Dexter - there are still another four episodes left in the season. It just seemed like a "filler" episode.


Deb had some good ones tonight. She refers to Kearny Nebraska as "buttfuckville." After Lisa turns up dead, she tells Dexter: "I'll fuck Masuka if Travis isn't our guy."

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

In the morning meeting, Deb tries to impress upon her squad how important it is that everyone step it up in the DDK case. "I'm going to need everyone's asses on the ball." Masuka whispers to Dexter, "I'm going to keep imaging that line, but hotter." "She's still my sister," Dex reminds him.


There are three tableaus left, and four episodes left. Dexter sets up his kill room in the church, intent on taking out Gellar before he can complete those tableaus.