TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 609 - 'Get Gellar'


Dexter Episode 609

"Get Gellar"

Written By: Karen Campbell

Directed By: Seith Mann

Original Airdate: 27 November 2011

In This Episode...

With Gellar nowhere to be found, Dexter rifles through his belongings, looking for something that could clue him in to Gellar's whereabouts. A painting reveals the next tableau, the Bowls of Wrath. Written on the bottom is the phrase "2Lot." Travis has no idea what this means but it must be important, as Dexter found the same note on a parking garage slip for a local university. Dexter stashes Travis at a hotel while he does some digging. 2Lot refers to the second law of thermodynamics. I am not a scientist, but it seems to be a scientific kin of chaos theory. Dexter links 2Lot to a Professor Casey at that university, a Richard Dawkins-like atheist advocate who wrote a controversial book about 2Lot. Apparently, creationists hate 2Lot because it essentially disproves the creation theory. 

So obviously, this is Gellar's next victim. Dexter goes to warn him, but Casey blows him off - he gets death threats weekly. Later that night, Dexter and Travis return to the university to wait for Gellar. Dexter takes the elevator while Travis guards the stairwell. Halfway up, the elevator car stops. Dexter tries to climb out but can't quite reach. Travis hears him and helps him out. When they get to Casey's office, the place is in shambles, there are drops of blood, and Casey is gone. Travis blames himself. The next day, Dexter gets the call. Another DDK victim. Professor Casey. In his classroom. With a big knife. 

Gellar had recently updated his blog, so Dexter had Travis post to him, trying to lure him out by saying he wanted back into the fold. So when Travis wakes up around the same time that Dexter is getting bloodied, he finds Casey's hand in his hotel bathroom and "Bring the false prophet to the church" written in blood on the walls. Dexter calls to check in, and Travis says he has been told by Gellar to go to the church - he leaves out the blood part. At the church, Travis and Dexter split up. Travis heads into the front to distract Gellar while Dexter sneaks in through the back. Gellar is rather surprised that Travis hasn't burst into flames for turning his back on their god. Dexter comes creeping into the church proper - and finds no one there. A second look around yields Travis on the floor, unconscious but alive. He continues his hunt for Gellar, and notices a trap door beneath a heavy table. Dexter lowers himself through the door into the basement. It looks like any old basement - and of course there is an ice chest (there is always an ice chest in basements). Dexter opens it... and inside... is Professor Gellar, a long time dead. Upstairs, Travis wakes from his "unconsciousness" and grabs a machete.

Also: Deb is finally opening up to her shrink more. She admits that Dexter has always been kind of distant, and the shrink reminds Deb that you can't tell a chair to be a table just because you want it to be; it will always be a chair. She also reveals that her last serious boyfriend was killed in front of her, and the guy before that was a serial killer who turned out to be Dexter's blood brother. Oh, and Dexter is adopted - did I forget to mention that? The shrink is silent for a moment, then asks if Deb wants to start coming more than once a week.

The father of the dead call girl comes to Deb to plead for her to reopen his daughter's case after seeing the M. E.'s report that CPR had been attempted, and not by the EMTs. She takes pity on him and goes to Laguerta, who immediately goes through the same old song and dance about reopening a closed case. But Deb isn't there for the same fight - she is there to tell Laguerta she is going to do her job and reopen the case - and if Laguerta didn't like that, she can fire her. Laguerta immediately takes this news to Matthews, who is not please. Laguerta promises to take care of it, and slips in an I-told-you-so about giving Deb the job.

After taking some surprisingly thoughtful advice from Masuka, Lewis gives Jamie another go. He admits that Batista scared him off, which Jamie finds charming. The two end up in bed together, and the audience gets to see that Lewis has the Ice Truck Killer evidence (the missing arm) under his desk. 

Dig It or Bury It?

I don't want to say "I told you so" (well, actually I do) so I am going to let my October 23rd recap speak for me:

"I am starting to think that Professor Gellar is dead (he has "gone underground?") and that Gellar is a figment of Travis's demented imagination. Or perhaps Travis is a multiple personality."

Nailed it! I'm glad they didn't save it for a season finale reveal, because that would have been a huge let-down. More interesting than the reveal was the little extra at the end of the episode, with producer Scott Buck talking about keeping that bit quiet. Besides the writers and Michael C. Hall, Edward James Olmos was the only other person who knew he was not real, and it was up to Olmos to "govern" his character. The reveal was left out of the initial table reads altogether, and Colin Hanks didn't even know about it until they began shooting this episode.

Frankly, I am more interested in this Lewis/Ice Truck thing. So I am assuming that he was the buyer. Does that mean that he and Ryan were in cahoots? And what is the end game here?

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

To Lewis: "When it comes to matters of the heart, always follow your dick."

Body Bags

Professor Casey is laid out on a table in the front of the classroom, virtually drained of blood. One of his hands was cut off post-mortem, and he has the alpha omega sign stitched onto his belly. Masuka peels it back, afraid of what might be inside - but he is completely hollow, like a jack o' lantern. The cops start to move the body, but Dexter warns them against that. They trip a trigger, and the eight bowls of wrath (in this case, Casey's blood) pour down and Carrie the entire squad.

Flashback to the Future

Harry questions Dexter's motives in helping Travis. Dexter explains that it is too late to do anything about his dark passenger, but it's not too late for Travis. It is what Brother Sam would want. Harry doesn't buy it. "What do you care about?" Harry asks. "Being a better father to my son. Is that so surprising?"


Travis is full-on crazy, and Deb seems to make amends with Dexter.