TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 610 - 'Ricochet Rabbit'


Dexter Episode 610

"Ricochet Rabbit"

Written By: Jace Richdale & Lauren Gussis & Scott Reynolds

Directed By: Michael Lehmann

Original Airdate: 4 December 2011

In This Episode...

Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Dexter has discovered Gellar is dead and, judging by his wounds, Travis killed him. Travis sees that Dexter has figured out his secret and locks him in while he runs outside and has a "conversation" with Gellar. Gellar confirms that Travis did kill him. As Travis remembers, he stabbed his teacher with the sword but it couldn't penetrate Gellar's flesh. Travis insists he doesn't need Gellar anymore; he will find new disciples. Hitting "Gellar's" blog, he finds Doomsday_Adam who seems to be devout. Real name Steve, he and his wife are "true believers" (aka - nutjobs) who are honored to help Travis. That means taking care of the one who got away - Holly - and setting up the next tableau: wormwood.

Dexter has, of course, gotten out of the basement but by morning, Miami Metro has closed in on the church as Gellar and Travis's stomping grounds. Before Dex left for the night, he hid Gellar's  body so the cops wouldn't focus on Travis. Upon arrival in the church, Deb has a panic attack that subsides when Dexter shows up to do the blood analysis. He finds prescription bottles with Travis's name on it, something that Deb seizes on immediately. Later, Anderson discovers that Travis's doctor is dead (around the time that Gellar died - Travis likely did not seek out a new doctor and therefore never had anyone new prescribing for him) but subpoenaed his medical records and discovered that Travis has had a history of severe psychosis with sociopathic markers. The doc believes that Travis killed his parents.

Dexter believes that Holly is the key to locating Travis. He is right. Holly has taken up residency on the Ricochet Rabbit, her wealthy boyfriend's yacht while he is in Spain with his wife. Travis, Steve, and Beth have tied up Holly. Beth doesn't think she can go through with killing Holly, but Steve has no such problems. Holly is not part of the tableau; she was a loose end that needed to be attended to. With Holly out of the way, the yacht becomes a floating chemistry lab for Travis to mix up the poisonous gas (wormwood is a plant that is best known for being the "active" ingredient in absinthe. In large, improperly prepared doses, it is lethal).

Beth has gone home, and Batista visits to speak to Steve. Quinn, as usual, is hungover somewhere, so Batista goes it alone. Beth assures him that the videos Steve posted online as Doomsday_Adam were poorly-executed jokes and she assures him it won't happen again. Batista takes her at her word, but as he is leaving he sees a bookshelf crammed with books written by Professor Gellar. As he asks her about them, Travis pops out of nowhere and knocks Batista unconscious with a giant crucifix. Seeing Batista's badge, Travis takes it as a sign that Miami Metro is where wormwood should be set up.

Dexter has found the Ricochet Rabbit. Travis is in his hazmat suit and Dexter tries to sneak up on him with an injection. Travis catches him and a struggle ensues, ending with Dexter stabbing him to death. He pulls off the mask - and discovers it is not Travis, but Steve. After a search of the yacht turned up no info on wormwood, and a fight with Harry, Dexter finally gives in and calls the cops.

Also in this episode: Deb finally has a breakthrough in therapy: Dexter is her safe place. She also has a way-too-easy finish with the Jennifer Morris case: a love note from a flower shop easily yields the date of the flower delivery (the date of her death) and the name of her date (Deputy Chief Matthews). Lewis finally gets the nerve to show Dexter the video game he has been working on, and reveals that it allows a person to play as a famous serial killer: Dahmer, Jack the Ripper... the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter is utterly offended. 

Dig It or Bury It?

I think there is a good chance that this season is paving the way for a psychotic break for Dexter at some later point in the series. Not just because of Travis's psychopathy, but because Dexter's obsessions are starting to reach epic proportions. They began two seasons ago, with Trinity, and it got his wife killed. Last season he was able to keep is obsessive nature under control, but this season it is back and it is dangerous. I remember at some point once, many seasons ago, that Dexter said even after he had evidence against one of his victims, he killed them because he didn't trust the justice system to do the right thing. But with this season especially, Dexter's motivation to kill has become a lot more personal. 

Originally Dexter was after Gellar because he believed that by freeing Travis - a perceived innocent - of his Dark Passenger, Dexter could be free of his own. Even after discovering that Travis was his own Dark Passenger, Dexter still thinks the death of Travis's Dark Passenger will set him free from his own. He cannot see past this early connection he made. It took a screaming match with the hallucination of his dead father before he was able to make a rational decision.

Flashback to the Future

Harry is all over this episode, and Dexter seems to have a lot of anger towards him. There is almost a hint of something like jealousy that Travis has insanity to blame his homicidal tendencies on, and fear that Dexter will follow suit. As the episode progresses, he becomes more and more frustrated with Harry, that Harry did not try to stop Dexter, merely gave him a "palatable" outlet for his killings. It all comes to a head on the yacht, after Dexter mistakenly killed Steven (though technically, by Harry's rules, he deserved it). Harry wants Dex to let this one go, but Dexter can't, "that's not what you taught me." Harry wants Dexter to finally call the police. Like a petulant teenager, he finally screams at his dad: "I'll make my own decisions! Leave me alone!" A beat. Realizing that he is standing at the doorway to crazytown, Dexter calls 911 and tells them (anonymously) that he thinks he saw DDK.

Body Bags

Holly's death was nothing close to the spectacular end DDK's other victims met. Travis slit her throat while Steve stabbed her in the gut, and her corpse was lashed onto the yacht's anchor.


When Deb enters the abandoned church and sees the "arts & crafts" Gellar and Travis have been up to, she murmurs "Holy christ on a stick" - which gets her glares from Batista and, well, the christ on a stick on the wall. When she has her panic attack in the church, Dex calms her down by telling her that he has had panic attacks at crime scenes before. This makes her feel a little better - until Dexter suggests she is pregnant. "First of all, fuck you. Second of all, I haven't been with anyone since Quinn. And third of all, fuck you."


Beth heads to Miami Metro to unleash the wormwood. Dexter feels that the only way to get to Travis is by staging his own tableau.