TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 612 - 'This Is the Way the World Ends'


Dexter Episode 612

"This Is the Way the World Ends"

Written By: Scott Buck and Wendy West

Directed By: John Dahl

Original Airdate: 18 December 2011

In This Episode...

After narrowly escaping Travis's ring of fire, Dexter is lost at sea, clinging to a bit of wreckage. He is cold and weak and there is no sign of land anywhere. He loses his grip on the wreckage and fights against drowning. As it gets more difficult to keep his head above water, he sees a small, battered boat. The passengers, Cuban refugees, help him aboard. Not long after, the guy who appears to be the captain pulls a gun and starts robbing the frightened passengers. Dexter kills him, assures the passengers they are safe, and pilots the boat home.

Using a borrowed cell phone, Dexter calls Jamie and Harrison to take him home, and he spends the rest of the evening with Harrison. The next morning, Jamie takes Harrison to school for his Noah's ark pageant. While Dexter is dressing, Deb bursts into his apartment, frantic and in tears. She heard that his boat washed to shore and thought the worst when he didn't answer his cell phone (at the bottom of the ocean). She embraces him tightly and tells him she loves him. "I love you too," he tells her, which surprises Deb - "I don't think I've ever heard you say that before." A call comes in; double homicide. 

The double homicide is the elderly couple that Travis killed, still in the same position in the kitchen, but with a few days of decay on them. Dexter shows up and heads right inside. Luckily the other cops were waiting for Dexter to do his blood report before heading in. That gave Dexter a chance to take a hammer to the the face of the mural - his face. On his way out, Dexter notices one of Travis's sketches in the garbage. He pockets it. Travis drives by, sees the police activity, and keeps going. He is panicked - until he remembers that he has Dexter's wallet. Thinking Dexter is dead, Travis heads to Dexter's apartment to hide out. He trades in his filthy, bloody shirt for one of Dexter's, and opens the unopened box from Lewis. The hand inside confuses him, but before he can ponder it further, he hears Jamie and hides. When she leaves, Travis investigates. That is when he discovers that Dexter has a son.

Back at Miami Metro, Deb is giving a briefing. A pilot saw the ring of fire tableau from the air and snapped a photo, but Deb doesn't think that Travis is done yet. Referencing the last sketch in Gellar's journal, which features two people and a dog on the top of a mountain, Deb thinks this is where Travis will go to await the end of the world. According to the journal, it is supposed to take place during tomorrow's solar eclipse. What are the mountains of Miami? Skyscrapers. Deb's plan is to station uniforms on the tallest buildings in the city, with a focus on the tallest, the Four Seasons. Dexter reexamines the Travis sketch he found, and realizes it is the TransCorp building. Deb needs Dexter to do a final forensic sweep of the old church, which he promises to do after Harrison's pageant. Of course, Dexter has plans for that church.

Dexter and Harrison are the lions of Noah's ark. They participate, while Jamie sits in the audience like a proud parent. After the show, Deb calls Dexter. She is running point on the skyscraper initiative and Laguerta pointed out the dog in the sketch might be a lamb. Deb also associates the lamb with an innocent, and calls Dexter to fill him in. He takes the call outside because it has to do with a case, leaving Harrison in the care of the nurses. But the moment he hears "an innocent," he peeks back inside and sees Harrison is gone. A nun said he left with a man in a lion mask - she thought it was Dexter. Travis is already long gone, leading a lion to the slaughter.

Travis takes Harrison to the roof of the TransCorp building. He kills the single cop up there, checks in via the cop's walkie-talkie, and sets up an altar for Harrison. Just as he begins his ritual, Dexter is there, yelling at him to stop. Travis is angry and frightened that Dexter is still alive; Dexter is just terrified for his son's safety. Since a sacrifice will do Travis no good if the beast is still alive, Dex offers a trade: his life for Harrison's. With the eclipse imminent, Travis agrees. He puts Harrison in the elevator as Dexter shoots himself up with his own tranquilizer. As Travis plunges his sword into Dexter's chest, Dex rolls out of the way - of course he faked his injection. This isn't Dexter's first rodeo. The two fight briefly, but Travis is no match for Dexter. Dex knocks him out, collects Harrison from the elevator, and loads everyone into the car.

With the eclipse over, Deb checks in with all the uniforms again; no sign of Travis. Anderson realizes TransCorp didn't check in, and they all race to the roof. By the time they get there, all they find is a dead cop and an unused altar. Travis is in the wind and Deb takes a moment to cry behind some industrial equipment. Laguerta, of all people, is the one who comforts her.

With Travis still unconscious in the trunk of Dexter's SUV, he drops Harrison off with Jamie, then takes Travis to the old church - now a kill room. Travis wakes on Dexter's table and the two pontificate over the word of god and the morality of religion. After many, many minutes of this, Dexter finally plunges Travis's own sword into his chest, his own gruesome tableau - as Deb enters the church. She watches with wide-eyed horror as Dexter kills Travis. Her gasp elicits Dexter's attention. "Oh god," he groans as the scene cuts to black.

Also: Laguerta seems to be making nice with Deb. They aren't going to go out dancing, but Laguerta has backed up every one of Deb's plays this episode. Batista requests Quinn be transferred out of the department; Quinn's union rep advises him that if he says he is an alcoholic in recovery, he can't be transferred. Lewis requests to stay on as Masuka's assistant; the best Masuka can do is try to throw him some consulting work. Deb finally admits to her shrink that she is indeed in love with Dexter. She thinks that because Dexter said he loves her that he is in love with her. The shrink gently reminds her that she may be in control of her own emotions but she can't control Dexter's. Of course, this was before she discovered her brother is a murderer.

Dig It or Bury It?

Can I be a 12-year-old girl for a second? OMG. The majority of this episode was engrossing but surprisingly calm. There were a lot of tender, fatherly scenes between Dexter and Harrison, which were actually rather sweet and heartwarming. The opening scene with Dexter facing his own death in the ocean was sombre in an ominously peaceful way. But those last 15 seconds fucking killed me. Killed me. Six seasons, and Deb finally knows. The whole series has been leading up to this. The next nine months will be the longest hiatus ever. Aside from just waiting to find out how Deb handles Dexter's Dark Passenger, we now also have to wait to see what Lewis's motive is. The Ice Truck Killer hand was so awkwardly prominent throughout the season, but it left us hanging.

Flashback to the Future

Harry wasn't in this episode at all, but boy, I cannot wait to hear what kind of advice he gives to Dexter when Deb starts throwing herself at him.

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

When Lewis asks if he can stay on as an assistant, Masuka tries to give him his rejection in the form of a terrible Yoda impression. When Lewis just stares blankly, Masuka finally agrees to try to "throw you some consulting work to keep your dick wet."


Either Dexter is going to convince his sister that he was just getting revenge against Travis for trying to murder Harrison... or he will admit that he is a vengeance killer and Deb will have to decide if she is going to turn him in or not. Either way, this may very well be the longest, most frustrating hiatus ever.