TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 704 - 'Run'



Dexter Episode 704
Written By: Wendy West
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 21 October 2012

In This Episode...

Speltzer has been arrested. It took four cops to take him down, but he is in custody, and he hasn’t lawyered up. Batista primes him, gets buddy-buddy with some misogynistic crap, then brings Deb in. Deb taunts Speltzer that his mom was a prostitute, and that Speltzer wanted to fuck her. Infuriated, Speltzer admits, “I should have killed you like I killed that other bitch.” Case closed. 

Well, maybe not. After arraignment, Laguerta comes into the station with the dashboard cam footage from one of the cop cars. Speltzer wasn’t properly Mirandized, which means his arrest wasn’t legal, which means his confession is out, which means he walks. Dexter is now more intent than ever on killing Speltzer. He sneaks into Speltzer’s RV, parked at the cemetery, and plans on using it as a kill room. But Speltzer comes back early. The men fight, but Dexter is no match for Speltzer’s roid rage. When he wakes, he is in another one of Speltzer’s creepy mazes, this one occupying an entire industrial building. Dex runs into Speltzer - in his bull mask and carrying an axe, and he runs. Speltzer may have brute strength and the advantage that comes with knowing his surroundings, but Dexter is quick and intelligent. Speltzer has been trying to force him down, so instead, Dex goes up, finds himself on a roof, and makes his way down to street level, where he hops on the back of a tow truck, leaving Speltzer steaming mad - but alive.

Deb and Batista go to Speltzer’s victim’s funeral. As she is leaving, Deb spots Speltzer, eyeballing the proceedings, and she loses it. She even takes off her high heels so she can run at him and starts beating him ineffectually. Batista pulls her off; Speltzer just laughs. Dexter visits his sister that night after Batista fills him in. Deb thinks he is just there to prove a point, but he insists he is there to see how she is doing. “I will always be there for you,” he insists. “I guess the question is, will you always be there for me?” Dexter has a newfound resolve to kill Speltzer, and goes back to the graveyard and waits. When the opportunity comes, he smacks Speltzer over the head with a shovel. When Speltzer wakes, he is strapped to a metal table. Dexter has foregone the traditional plastic wrapped-kill room; he uses heavy industrial straps to make sure Speltzer cannot escape. He plunges a wooden stake right through Speltzer’s heart (you know, so he still gets the thrill of the kill) and puts his box of slides on Speltzer’s chest (he decides he can no longer risk taking trophies, and will have to make do with the mere memory of his kills) and sends the whole thing into the crematory. Deb picks Dexter up, and he points to the thick smoke pouring out of the chimney. “That’s Speltzer. How do you feel?” “Glad. What does that make me?” “Human.”

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians are sick of getting raided by the police, so Isaac and George pick the bartender, Alex, to be the fall guy. With very little convincing (just the promise that his wife and two children back home will be well cared for) Isaac gets Alex to write up an incriminating suicide note and shoot himself with the same gun used to shoot Mike. At the crime scene, Quinn seems satisfied to take this explanation of the crime at face value, but Batista can’t let it go - it is too neat and clean.

Also: Deb finally asks Dexter if it was really Trinity who killed Rita - Dexter assures her it was, and insists that he loved Rita. Deb doesn’t even know if Dexter is capable of love. “I love you,” he insists. “Before you walked in on me at the church, did you ever question the way I feel about you?” Deb has no answer, but later insists that Dexter send Harrison to live with Astor and Cody and his grandparents in Orlando. Dexter is infuriated by the notion that he isn’t a good father. But after Speltzer gets a good look at him, he sends Harrison to Orlando with Jamie for an extended “visit.”

Dig It or Bury It?

I am way too obsessed with this show. Every week, when it ends, I feel like I have been holding my breath for the full hour. 

That said, it is the relationship between Dexter and Debra that is all-consuming. This side plot about the Ukrainian mob is so generic it borders on cliche. I suppose there is a strong argument to be made that such a banal B-plot helps keep A-plot that much more special. Though as the weeks pass, and we as an audience become more comfortable with the idea of Deb knowing, will it continue to be special? Or will it devolve into Deb protecting Dexter out of habit? And frankly I am a little surprised that it took Deb until episode four to ask Dexter if he killed Rita. 

Body Bags

Not really a death, but this is pretty fucked up. Deb takes a hot bath and falls asleep. When she “wakes,” the faucet is now pouring blood and she realizes she has a wedding band on her finger. Dexter is in the doorway, in a suit, and asks, “Will you be... mine?” in a half-sweet, half-menacing way. Then Dexter has a machete - then he is gone, but the blood floods the bathroom floor and a child giggles softly in the background (you know where this is going) - then she wakes up, for real, in regular water.

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

While at Alex’s crime scene, Masuka says, “We’ve got a white Russian on ice.” Quinn replies with a sarcastic “Very funny,” which Masuka defends with, “Hey! I have a huge following on Twitter!” How many of you raced to Twitter after this episode to follow him?


Laguerta reveals that she found a blood slide at the church and worries that the Bay Harbor Butcher might still be alive. Hannah seems to know more about Wayne’s murder spree than she initially let on. And Isaac is going crazy looking for his son’s murderer.