TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 706 - 'Do the Wrong Thing'



Dexter Episode 706
“Do the Wrong Thing”
Written By: Lauren Gussis
Directed By: Alik Sakharov
Original Airdate: 4 November 2012

In This Episode...

Dexter’s obsessions turn towards Hannah. He is convinced that she liked killing those people when she was 15, and hasn’t stopped. Hannah’s husband died at age 40 of a sudden heart attack. The woman who owned the nursery before Hannah, Beverly, also died from a heart attack. Hannah was her sole heir. Dexter has to get closer to her to prove it, and he fudges the blood report so as not to implicate her - then shows her the report as proof, claiming the tests were inconclusive. This leads to plenty of flirting.

Crime writer Sal Price visits Miami Homicide. He wants a look at the police files of Wayne’s newly-discovered victims in hopes of adding a new chapter to his previously-published book on the Randall-McKay crime spree. This worries Dexter, because a crime writer will certainly investigate the details more thoroughly than the cops would - the case is long since closed. Sal lets it slip that he too believes Hannah has more murders under her belt than she lets on. Right after she left juvie, she was sent to a halfway house, and accused one of the counselors of sexually abusing her. He received a slap on the wrist - then showed up dead three weeks later, poisoned. Dexter sneaks into Sal’s house and copies some of his Hannah files to a flash drive, and snaps a few photos of paper reports. (It is interesting to note that, within Sal’s file cabinet, he has paper files for both the Ice Truck Killer and the Bay Harbor Butcher.) Dexter discovers that Sal stole a vial of Beverly’s blood before she was cremated and had it independently tested and discovered that she had been poisoned with a plant that can often cause heart attacks. Hannah grows that same plant in her garden.

Dexter visits Hannah, feigns looking for a plant. Then Hannah shows up at his house, with another plant. Dexter visits the nursery when Hannah is out in order to talk to the handyman, who has been there since Beverly was in charge. Hannah comes back early and thinks that Dexter is stalking her. He reminds her that she came over to his place, too. The sexual tension is off the chart, and Dexter asks to take her out. She claims she doesn’t date, and inside, she is still the 15-year-old who believed that Wayne was her fantasy. Even when he was never able to take her to the Santa’s Village theme park outside of Miami; even when he turned out to be the bad guy. Dexter presses her, and she agrees.

Naturally, Dexter takes Hannah to the Santa’s Village that Wayne never took her to. It is closed for the season, so they break in. Dexter takes her to a tent, and with the flip of a switch, the whole tent lights up with a fantastical Christmas display, complete with snow. It is magical, and Hannah is entranced. He comes up behind her, but instead of kissing her, he injects her. She wakes, on his table, set up in this Christmas wonderland. When she wakes, there is no fear in her eyes, not even as Dexter holds the knife to her throat and whispers that this is what he needs. He removes the tape from her mouth, and she says simply, “You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.” He raises his knife up high, but instead of cutting through her breastbone, he cuts through her binds. She sits up and kisses him passionately. Next thing you know, they are having crazy Natural Bork Killer sex on the table.

Laguerta struck out with her interviews with the family members of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s other victims (or potential victims.) So she has started looking into missing person reports, in case the bodies just never showed up. She suspects that Jordan Chase and the other suspects in the Barrel Girls murders may have fallen victim to the Butcher. Deb thinks that theory is far less likely than the official story the cops followed: that Jordan killed the other suspects and fled the country. Still, she brings the news to Dexter, who promises the trail can’t be linked back to “us.” It is not much longer before Deb connects the dots and realizes that Lumen was his accomplice. Dexter looks truly distraught, then explodes at his sister, telling her to let him worry about Laguerta. Deb throws him out.

Batista admits that he is thinking about retiring, that he is burned out and forgot to have a life outside of his job. This gets Deb thinking and she decides to accept a previously-declined invite for drinks with Sal. On the date, with some prodding, he shows Deb evidence that suggests Hannah killed the most recent victim Miami PD dug up. Deb insists that couldn’t be, Dexter ran the blood and said it was inconclusive - Dexter is never wrong. Sal had his own lab test it, and got a different answer. Deb’s not happy.

Quinn has decided to return George’s bribe. But George - and Isaak - will not take no for an answer. George threatens Quinn that if he doesn’t do as he is instructed, he will send Nadia to work in their Dubai sex clubs. All he wants Quinn to do is “lose” the blood evidence that places Isaak at the scene of the Columbian bar murders. Once Isaak is released, Quinn will get Nadia’s passport so that she will be free of the Brotherhood. He does it.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’m glad Dex didn’t kill Hannah, but I think that she is destined to die by the season’s end. That was some damn hot sex they had. After a few kind of slow-ish episodes, things are starting to ramp up again.


Not really a curse, but still: “You moved your girlfriend into the house where your wife was murdered so you could kill together?!” Later on, when she calls Sal for a date, she confirms, “Yes, the one with the potty mouth.”


Isaak is released from jail, but Deb urges Dexter not to “take care of it.” At the same time, she wants justice for the murders Hannah now has immunity for.