TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 707 - 'Chemistry'



Dexter Episode 707
Written By: Manny Coto & Karen Campbell
Directed By: Holly Dale
Original Airdate: 11 November 2012

In This Episode...

Dexter and Hannah have another go at one another on his table before he drives her home. After she goes into her house, Dexter notices Sal Price watching from across the street. They meet. “Now I know why the lab work was so spotty,” Sal taunts. He thinks Dexter is just a lab geek with a crush; Dexter is happy to let him continue thinking that. Dex begs Sal not to include this in his upcoming Hannah McKay book and offers him Wayne Randall’s final words. Sal promises he will think about it. But he has many other deals to make that day. For starters, he lets Deb know that Hannah’s husband, Jake, had a sister, which means Deb can go to her for permission to exhume the body. (Deb does go to the sister, who agrees, but when they get the coffin into the lab and open it up, it turns out Jake wasn’t embalmed which means there is no tissue to test. Bodies are always embalmed unless next of kin requests otherwise.) Sal pays Hannah a visit at the flower mart. She is not happy to see him and has no interest in speaking to him for his book - until he mentions Dexter. She finally agrees to go on the record about her time with Wayne if Sal keeps Dexter out of the book.

The next day, Sal has drinks with Deb, who tells him about her disappointing exhumation. He then goes to see Hannah (wisely turning down her offer of lemonade) and records her account of her and Wayne and their first kill: “I just kept stabbing her until the screaming stopped.” Unbeknownst to Hannah, while Sal was with her, Dexter was at Sal’s place, stealing some DNA. Dexter had been going through records, trying to find evidence that Sal fit his code. When he couldn’t, but realized that Sal had written about several homicides that were still unsolved, he decided to plant some DNA and implicate him in the murders. While he is at Sal’s place, he deletes all of his notes and research on Hannah.

After his visit with Hannah, Sal goes to Dexter’s house to get him on the record with Wayne’s last words. Dexter “pitches” him a book idea, about a true crime writer who is implicated in the crimes he covers. Sal becomes furious, starts yelling - and keels over, clutching his chest and hitting his head on Dexter’s coffee table on the way down. Dexter stands there, in shock, for a moment. Jamie comes running when she hears the commotion. At Dexter’s direction, Jamie calls 911 while Dexter begins CPR. By the time the cops show up, Sal is dead. Deb is damned sure that Hannah killed him, and brings her in for questioning the next day. Dexter watches and notices she is an excellent liar, faking her way through Deb’s interrogation of her. The only time Dexter sees genuine pain on Hannah’s face is when Deb mentions the miscarriage Hannah had shortly after her husband’s untimely demise. (We later learn that Hannah wanted to keep the baby; Jake was the one who wanted her to abort it.)

Even though they promised they were going to stay away from each other, Dexter visits Hannah that night. She admits freely to him that she poisoned Sal (she dosed the cap of a pen he likes to chew on) which annoys Dexter because he was putting a plan into place to get Sal out of their lives. He is more annoyed by the fact that Sal died in his living room. Dexter tells her he took care of Sal’s notes on her, which makes a realization dawn on Hannah: “We were looking out for one another. Do you realize how big that is for people like us?” Dexter can’t help himself, and they end up in bed together. Dexter begins to wonder if this may be what falling in love feels like. While he is in bed with Hannah, Deb calls. The toxicology report on Sal came back with nothing. She is furious - she knows Hannah is a multiple murderer,but can’t prove it. She wants to turn her over to Dexter for justice.

Also: The blood evidence in the Isaak Sirco case is missing and Laguerta is freaking out. Most of the squad goes back to the bar to get new blood samples, but find the place flooded with sewage - obviously an act of sabotage. Isaak is released from jail and makes not-so-veiled threats against Dexter - who makes threats right back at him. Quinn tells George he wants out of this whole deal, but George isn’t about to let him off the hook and reminds him that tampering with evidence will likely get him jail time and definitely get him thrown off the force. To assuage his guilt, Quinn gives Batista $10,000 for his restaurant, claiming the money was part of an inheritance. Laguerta has hit a dead end with the new, potential Bay Harbor Butcher cases, and Deb tells her maybe it is time to drop it. But Laguerta can’t drop it.

Dig It or Bury It?

Aw, Dexter’s in love. Adorable. Of course, it sounds a little bit more like obsession to me, but whatever. I think Hannah is going to lead him down a dangerous path. I think that Dexter’s code keeps him under control; without it, he is likely to go on a spree. Dexter comes across like an addict, whereas Hannah seems to enjoy the chase as much as the physical act.

Dexter’s Wisdom

Dexter comes to an important realization tonight: Hannah accepts his dark side. Lila was drawn to it; Rita was blind to it; Lumen needed it. Hannah just accepts it.

Flashback to the Future

Harry’s appearances tonight were minimal and frankly a little on the unnecessary side. He was company while Dexter was trying to find dirt on Sal. His one salient observation was to tell Dexter to forget about deleting the files on Hannah from Sal’s computer , that is just increased the odds of him getting caught.


Deb really wants Dexter to kill Hannah. He won’t, and admits they are seeing each other - which hurts Deb more than anything.