TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 807 - 'Dress Code'



Dexter Episode 807
“Dress Code”
Written By: Arika Lisanne Mittman
Directed By: Alik Sakharov
Original Airdate: 11 August 2013

In This Episode...

Dexter wakes on the waterfront, outside, in the middle of nowhere. A check on his phone GPS reveals him to be in Kendall, on the other side of town. He calls Deb for a ride. She is still at home - Hannah didn’t touch her. By the time Deb arrives, she has already figured it out. “It was Hannah, wasn’t it?” She gets shaky and the progress she has made fighting her PTSD threatens to unravel. Deb wants to go to the marshals, but Dexter is afraid that she is no longer in love with him, and will talk. “The moment I asked you to kill her was the moment I started to lose myself,” Deb warns. “I’m just getting myself back - I don’t want to deal with this.” Dexter promises he will handle it.

After pulling the traffic cameras and making a couple phone calls, Dexter discovers that Hannah rented the van from a rental company. She is going by the name Maggie Castner and living on a yacht with a smarmy rich guy. He follows their town car to a private club called Red Coral. When denied entry, Dexter calls Zach, figuring his dad has memberships to every private club in Miami. He is right, and Zach, after being blown off the other night due to Dexter’s drugging, is only too happy to help.

When Hannah’s man goes to take a call, Dexter swoops in. Hannah can’t be surprised to see him, but she sure doesn’t seem happy. The man she is with, Miles, is her husband, and Dexter can’t disguise the jealousy on his face. Hannah begs him to leave before Miles returns, and Zach texts him furiously to warn him, but Dexter refuses. Hannah is forced to introduce the two. “Maggie” has told him about Dexter, and about how he turned her in. He escorts Hannah away. Zach, desperate for approval, insists that he did everything Dexter asked of him - so why didn’t Dexter walk away. Dexter has to reassure the kid. “You going to kill that guy?” he asks. “I only kill people who deserve it,” Dexter laments. So naturally, Dexter goes home to do some research to see if Miles deserves it. He has made a fortune in international casinos, and was easily able to buy Hannah a new identity. Deb comes over, miffed that Harrison is too absorbed in his cartoons to give her a hug. Deb hasn’t found anything on Hannah, but Dexter admits that he has - and she is married. He doesn’t want to give up her married name, but he does, and is quick to mention that he believes the marriage is “purely operational.” Despite his denials, it is obvious that Dexter is still in love with her. “Trust me, no one knows more about falling in love with the wrong person than I do.” (She’s still on that thing, huh?) Deb wants Hannah out of their lives, but worries Dexter can’t be objective. It doesn’t get any better when Harrison is torn from his cartoons by the mention of Hannah - “Hannah is here?”

Miles accosts Dexter while he is at the gas station. He has been watching Dexter, and lets him know that he could ruin his life. “I’d sooner see Hannah in prison than lose her.” So naturally Dexter texts Hannah - he has to see her. They meet at her old greenhouse, where Hannah is mourning her dead plants. She married Miles because he was there when Dexter wasn’t, he was “intrigued” by her background, and she knew he could give her a new life. “Plus, he makes me happy,” she insists. Dexter calls bullshit, and finally the whole truth comes out. Hannah wanted Dexter to kill Miles. He is possessive and controlling, but his family already thinks she is a gold digger and the cops always suspect the spouse first. She thought that Dexter might feel like he owed her. But in the end she decided she didn’t want to manipulate him. Despite the shitty way things ended for the two of them, Hannah realized that he was “it” for her. Dexter feels the same and leans in for a kiss, but Hannah leaves.

The next day, Dexter is headed to meet up with Zach when three suited men get out of an SUV and beat the hell out of Dexter. He is left in the alley behind his apartment. “If Miles would do this to me, what might he do to Hannah?” Well, Hannah returns from shopping and Miles, having followed her to the greenhouse, is instantly suspicious - despite Hannah’s piles of shopping bags. This is where Miles goes from menacing rich guy to cartoonish supervillain. He saw Hannah and Dexter together and grabs her, promising that they will sail, live on the ocean, alone, together, forever. “You belong to me,” he says as he throws her on the bed and rapes her. Well, tries to. Dexter sneaks onto the yacht to make sure Hannah is safe. She is - because she killed Miles. She is now sitting on the floor, staring at his body, covered in blood and shaking. Dexter promises to take care of everything. Hannah is in shock.  After cleaning the boat and wrapping the body, he and Hannah dispose of Miles over the side of the Slice of Life. Hannah promises that she was never going to kill Dexter, but she couldn’t live with Miles much longer. “Unlike you, I don’t enjoy this,” she insists. (Then don’t fucking do it!) Their almost-romantic moment is interrupted when Dexter gets called in to a crime scene - at his apartment. He leaves, and we see Deb in her car, seething. Earlier in the episode she had put a GPS tracker on Dexter’s car, and now her suspicions were proven right: he isn’t over Hannah.

The crime scene at Dexter’s building? It is Cassie. She is dead, and Dexter recognizes it instantly as Zach’s handiwork. He grew increasingly frustrated with being blown off by Dexter, and when he wasn’t home the last time he came around, Zach took his rage out on the next door neighbor.

Also: Masuka discovers Nicki is working at a topless sports bar. He arranges for her to work part time as a lab assistant, but she doesn’t want to go, claiming she makes more at the restaurant. Quinn is reprimanded for following Zach. Batista yells at him, so in retaliation, he says he is moving in with Jamie. Earlier in the episode, Jamie was looking for her own place and mentioned maybe moving in together, one day. Quinn kind of blew it off with a “yeah, maybe” but now seems to be moving forward purely out of spite. So clearly, this will have a happy ending.

Dig It or Bury It?

Will Deb take matters into her own hands and kill Hannah? When she saw her and Dexter on the dock, she had that “I want to kill her” twitch in her eye. I find Hannah’s new role as the damsel in distress unsettling. It just seems so out of the norm for her. I don’t believe that she is trying to reform herself. I’m sure we will get more info about her sudden transformation (after all, it has only been like seven or eight months since we last saw her) but it just seems desperately out-of-character.

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

When Vince discovers where his daughter is working, he calls it a “breastraunt.”


Dexter vents to Vogel about how impatient Zach is to get on with the killing. Harry knew about his desires at age 10 and he didn’t make his first kill until 19. Dexter believes he needs to learn how to wait. Vogel reminds Dexter that, unlike him, Zach has already killed. He has a taste for it now, making patience much harder to come by.


So now Dexter must decide: does he hunt Zach or does he reform him? Meanwhile, Dexter helps Hannah flee the country. I really hope this series doesn’t end with him and Harrison sailing off into the sunset with her.