TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 808 - 'Are We There Yet?'



Dexter Episode 808
“Are We There Yet?”
Written By: Wendy West
Directed By: Holly Dale
Original Airdate: 18 August 2013

In This Episode...

Dexter is having a hard time working the Cassie crime scene - he is distracted with thoughts of Hannah. He does find blood under Cassie’s nails, and takes a swab. Later at the lab, Dexter matches the blood to Zach Hamilton. He tells Masuka it is just a bit of Cassie’s own blood - Zach is too easily traced back to Dexter. He takes his concerns to Vogel, lamenting that he didn’t kill Zach when he had the chance. Neither has heard from him, so Dexter runs a search and sees Zach used his own credit card at a motel in the Keys. Before heading out there, he stops by Hannah’s yacht and takes photos for the new passport he is obtaining for her. He invites her to go with him to the Keys.

Deb keeps asking Dexter about Hannah, and while he promises she is out of their lives and on her way out of town, Deb just doesn’t believe it. She tracks the GPS plant and sees he is on the way to the Keys. A phone call to Dexter shows Deb that he is lying to her, so she follows.

At the motel, Dexter finds Zach’s room easily - it is the one with plastic over the windows. He tells Hannah to wait in the car while he picks the lock. Zach has covered the entire room with plastic. It’s not nearly as tidy as Dexter would have done it, but it’s not bad for a first try. But Zach isn’t there, so he and Hannah wait. When he finally bursts in, he is pleased to see Dexter - until Dexter throws him against the wall with murder in his eyes. Zach is confused. He couldn’t have killed Cassie - he was busy stalking and killing someone else. A kid Zach knew strangled a girl to death during sex while on spring break. The dead kid is in his trunk. Dexter relaxes and releases Zach, but then gets all parental about teaching him a lesson, telling him all the things he did wrong (paying for the room with his credit card; getting a room at a motel with a second floor; not lining the trunk with plastic; not having a disposal plan). The boys head out to take care of the body while Hannah cleans up the room. As Dexter gets in Zach’s car (driver’s side) he notices a razor blade under the door handle. Could someone have planted it there in order to cut Zach and plant his blood on Cassie?

Returning from shoving mass amounts of plastic into the dumpster, Hannah is surprised to see Deb waiting for her in the room. Deb has a gun, but Hannah knows Deb won’t shoot her - and she is right. Instead, Deb fires off some questions. “What drives you?” “Dexter.” Hannah insists she doesn’t enjoy killing. “Killing is sometimes the only way I know to solve a problem.” She insists that Dexter loves her, too. Dexter bursts into the room and discovers his two favorite women - and this is where the show turns into a screwball comedy. “You’re both still breathing; that’s a good sign.” Zach comes in next, sees Deb: “Who the fuck are you?” “Who the fuck are you?” she spouts, but changes her mind. She doesn’t want to know anymore and leaves. Zach teases Dexter about how all the ladies are fighting over him. It’s time to go. In the car, with Zach in the backseat, the three of them look like a typical family - more so when Zach asks, “Are we there yet?”

There is Dr. Vogel’s house, where Dexter delivers Zach. Vogel wants him to stay for dinner, then insists when she sees Hannah in the car. It is a bizarre dinner, full of genuinely polite conversation, table manners (Vogel telling Zach to take his elbows off the table), and talk of murder. Dexter brings up Cassie and shows Zach the crime scene photos after dinner. The evening over, Vogel offers to take Zach home. Dexter takes Hannah to the hotel. He has her new passport and offers to pick her up in the morning to take her to the seaplane. She doesn’t want to, it is too hard to say goodbye again. So in order to avoid that, the two strip down and have sex. In the morning, Hannah goes to the marina alone and prepares to board the little plane that will take her to Nassau. Dexter comes running and begs her to stay in Miami. Her answer is a warm embrace.

But wait! There is more! Deb seems to realize the futility in her hunt for Hannah, the futility in her newfound career, and seems to decide to rejoin the police force. (She tells Elway she isn’t cut out for private investigating, that she wants to make a difference in the world, and is last seen pulling her police uniform out of her closet.) Jamie is too upset by Cassie’s death to stay at Dexter’s apartment, so she takes Harrison back with her to Quinn’s place. That only lasts a few hours - Quinn doesn’t deal well with kids; who knew? - before she is back at Batista’s house. He is only too happy to have Jamie and Harrison there. Nicki comes on as Masuka’s new lab assistant, but doesn’t seem thrilled about it.

Most importantly... After sleeping with Hannah, Dexter returns home to find blaring pop music coming from an iPod. Zach is sitting in his chair - he is dead, his head sliced open and lobotomized in the same way the Brain Surgeon’s victims mutilated.

And at home, Dr. Vogel admires a chunk of brain in a specimen jar.

Dig It or Bury It?

First off - I knew it! Vogel is the Brain Surgeon. It was so painfully obvious, but I like that I have  proof now. The whole reveal was just fucking weird - just a 30 second montage that lets us know that Zach is dead, Vogel is the killer, and she is sending a warning to Dexter. I feel like it could have been more effective had they not mixed in scenes of Elway and Deb, and instead took a few  more moments to linger on Vogel and Zach. Also, when Dexter was disposing of Zach, why didn’t he chop him up into bits? 

The “family” created by Hannah and Dexter (as the parents), Zach (as the kid), and Vogel (as the grandmother) was interesting, and it makes me wonder why Vogel would choose to kill Zach. She seemed to enjoy her psychopathic family. Did she feel he was failing to become the Dexter 2.0 she was hoping for? Is this some kind of weird jealousy thing she has about Dexter being her “perfect creation?” Is Zach’s psychopathy something she manufactured to see how Dexter would react?

Oh, and clearly Cassie’s boyfriend killed her.

Ass Factor

The sex scene between Dexter and Hannah was very interesting because it was the most passionate sex the series has ever shown Dexter as having. Just another symbol of how he and Hannah have a true connection. Rather than Dexter just laying there and letting the woman do all the work, he and Hannah roll around the bed, find a comfy spot, and go at it - Dexter on top. Plus, you get to see some Dexter butt.

Psycho Babble

Over dinner, Vogel doesn’t want to bore her guests with tales of how she got involved in working with psychopaths, but she will share what keeps her there: “The biggest obstacle in life isn’t danger; it is boredom. My patients never fail to keep things interesting.” Additionally, she is in awe of Dexter and Hannah’s relationship. “I never would have imagined that the affection you share could be possible. You make a good couple. And probably a bad one, too.”

Flashback to the Future

When Dexter and Zach are driving to dump the body, Zach falls asleep. This reminds Harry of Dexter after a kill: “You would be at peace.” To Harry, Dexter is passing the torch. But he warns Dexter about his burgeoning family: Harrison isn’t a complication, but Hannah is. Dexter defends her as a distraction. But Harry has another thought: “Maybe you have found something that is more important to you than killing.”


I don’t think Dexter will take Zach’s murder very well - mostly because this means that he didn’t kill the Brain Surgeon.