TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 810 - 'Goodbye Miami'



dexterDexter Episode 810
“Goodbye Miami”
Written By: Jace Richdale & Scott Reynolds
Directed By: Steve Shill
Original Airdate: 8 September 2013

In This Episode...

Vogel is desperate to make amends with Oliver / Daniel. (I’m going to call him Oliver because that is how he was introduced to us.) She wants to help Oliver, but her help is merely to put him in a really nice institution and to visit every day. Oliver doesn’t appreciate this. He pins Richard’s death on his mother, because she didn’t give Oliver enough attention. And now he is feeling the same way about Dexter. He wants the same kind of life she “gave” to Dexter. Vogel tells Dexter later on that she doesn’t want him to kill her son, and promises that she is going to “save” him. She doesn’t want to be Dexter’s “excuse” for killing him. Dexter pays her lip service, and Vogel is still set on getting her son committed. Oliver takes his mother to his kill room, the one in the video, and explains that this was an exact duplicate of the “treatment” room in his last hospital. When he would refuse his medication, he would be strapped down in the chair and have his meds forced down his throat - and that was the highlight of his day. He pleads with her, and the parental bond wins over logic. She agrees to help him find a way to live within society.

Dexter, of course, won’t let it go. He - and Harry - don’t think Dexter can start his new life without killing Oliver. One last kill for the road. Dexter breaks into Vogel’s house and uses the virus that Oliver put on her computer against him: Dex can access his computer and finds the video of Oliver killing Zach Hamilton. He makes a copy and shows it to Vogel when she stops by his apartment to, once again, convince Dexter to spare her son’s life. She doesn’t believe that Oliver enjoys killing. After seeing the video, Vogel realizes there was no hope for Oliver, and concedes that Dexter needs to kill him. They plan to have Vogel set up a meet someplace public, then Dexter will lure him away and do his thing. She just begs Dexter to make it quick and painless.

Dexter has to break the news of his leaving to Deb, and she is not happy. But after a nice talk with Quinn, she realizes that while it may be hard for her, she needs to support her brother. So when she comes home and sees Hannah, Dexter, and Harrison enjoying family time on the patio, she feels left out - until she and Dex have a heart to heart, and she finally joins in with her new family. Hannah, for her part, smiles warmly. The next day Marshal Clayton comes by while Deb and Harrison are playing on the beach. He had been to see Batista last night, and accidentally overheard Batista looking for a new forensics tech. Clayton had been there to tell Batista that they were putting Hannah back on the “low priority” list, as it didn’t seem like she was in Miami. But hearing that Dexter was now leaving, Clayton is suspicious. So when he checks in with Deb, she plays dumb, and lies through her teeth: she doesn’t know anything about her brother and Hannah dating again. Hannah is both surprised and grateful.

Deb heads out to the office to quit (Elway does not take it well) and tell Batista she is officially ready to come back (he takes it very well). In the meantime, Harrison starts messing around on Deb’s treadmill and won’t listen to Hannah when she tells him to stop. Naturally, he trips, falls, and cracks open his chin. The bleeding won’t stop and Dexter isn’t answering his phone, so Hannah rushes Harrison to the emergency room. She tells the receptionist that she is Harrison’s mom, but can’t help but feel like the receptionist recognizes her. Either way, Harrison gets fixed up and they return home so he can proudly show off his stitches to Daddy.

But the receptionist did recognize Hannah, and called the police. Clayton shows up, but the receptionist starts to doubt herself. Clayton is frustrated until he hears the patient’s name: Harrison Morgan. And the name Hannah used when she signed in? Debra Morgan.

Dexter gets a call from Vogel that night. Oliver is just down the street. Dexter is mad that she went against the plan, but she just wanted the chance to say a private goodbye to her son. Dexter rushes to her house, as Vogel pours tea for her and Oliver. She tries to explain away her shaking hands and the unexpected call due to age and attempts at becoming a good mother, but Oliver isn’t buying it. “When you have seen as many people die as I have, you know when they are afraid.” Dexter arrives and as he gets out of the car, his phone rings. The front light turns on in Vogel’s house, and Dexter sees Oliver, holding Vogel with a knife to her throat. “She chose the wrong son,” he says over the phone before slitting his mother’s throat. Dexter bursts into the home and holds Vogel as she dies.

Also: Quinn finally dumps Jamie. She thinks it is because he is still in love with Deb. He insists it is not, but Jamie still holds Deb responsible. Deb sees Jamie leaving the station and says hi to her. "Go fuck yourself," Jamie grumbles. Batista fills Deb in on the breakup, and Deb takes Quinn outside to talk. He admits that Deb was part of the reason he broke up with Jamie. Clearly it wasn't working out with him and Jamie - I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did, they always seemed miserable together - but he admits that he does still have feelings for Deb. "But I don't expecting anything from you." "Why not?" Deb counters. "I still have feelings for you, stupid." She admits that she broke things off because she was scared, and they end up kissing deeply. Aww.

Dig It or Bury It?

Killing Vogel felt... formulaic. Oliver is clearly off-balance. He hasn’t had the benefit of decades of careful social programming like Dexter. Or maybe he is just a different kind of psychopath. Either way, it just seemed too easy for Oliver to kill Vogel.

There were a lot of goodbyes in tonight’s episode, and a few threads tied up. (Deb and Quinn mostly.) Some of the goodbyes felt a little premature, like they were getting them out of the way so that the last two episodes are gangbusters. But unlike a sitcom that is wrapping up a long run, you don’t want some deeply sappy ending mucking up the final few shots of a show like Dexter

I can’t believe there are only two episodes left.

Flashback to the Future

It is interesting that Harry is pushing Dexter to kill Oliver. Previously, he had at least been the voice of caution to Dexter, not dissuading him from his kills, but encouraging him to be patient and wait until it is right - and discouraging kills if there isn’t proof that the vic fits the code. But tonight, he was pressuring Dexter to kill Oliver, insisting that he would never be safe, Vogel would never be safe, if Oliver were allowed to live. The knowledge that Oliver was alive would haunt Dexter no matter where he went.


Two. Episodes. Left. A storm is brewing which leaves only a two-day window in which Dexter and his family can leave for Argentina. Two days for him to kill Oliver and keep Hannah safe from the marshal.