TV Recap: 'Dracula' Episode 103 - 'Goblin Merchant Men'


draculaDracula Episode 103
“Goblin Merchant Men”
Written By: Harley Peyton
Directed By: Andy Goddard
Original Airdate: 8 November 2013

In This Episode...

Jonathan and Mina are each heartbroken about their fight and have not spoken in days. Lucy helps Mina by taking her to parties every night, the girls getting drunk on absinthe and champagne and staying out until dawn. Grayson is always watching them. He leaves flowers on her porch and nearly burns himself in hopes of seeing her face when she finds them. He follows her to a boho club and saves her from a young artist who is trying to get fresh with her. In the meantime, he sees Jonathan acting heartsick and tells him he is being a fool. This inspires Jonathan to make the first move and apologize to Mina. She apologizes back and the two kiss and make up. Jonathan leaves, and Mina runs after him and asks him to marry her. Rather than be offended, Jonathan is delighted and agrees. In lieu of a ring, he puts his crucifix around her neck. Grayson watches this and is surprised that he feels peaceful about other people being happy.

You know who is not happy? The Order of the Dragon. Browning finds out that Laurent turned over his shares of stock in British Imperial Coolant, making Grayson the majority stockholder. For putting his own interests above the interests of the Order, Laurent is sentenced to death. In front of the entire order, Browning impales Laurent on a broadsword - then twists. Daniel is broken up over his death, and having to watch it. He later shoots himself in the head, leaving his father to find his body and suicide note. I couldn’t read what the note said, but it did make mention of Alexander Grayson... so that’s coming.

Jayne visits a psychiatrist, known for his discretion, and asks for some help with “two young wards” who have suffered from a “psychic event.” The seers. The shrink goes to Van Helsing to mix up a tonic, which the seers take. With their mojo back, they see Grayson having sex with Jayne and realize she is sleeping with the enemy. Grayson sees them, or “sees” them, seemingly staring at them. They start choking and collapse, both paralyzed. Van Helsing comes in and bludgeons them to death, making sure there is no brain to autopsy (and reveal Van Helsing’s signature toxin). Jayne and Browning find the bodies. This is unprecedented and Jayne now fears the “monster” among them will bring his friends to town.

Also: Grayson discover’s Jayne’s secret Order of the Dragon lair beneath her house. He cries as he slips upon her like a panther, but she wakes and they have sex.

Dig It or Bury It?

This show has so much potential. You have a beautifully shot show that obviously has a ton of money behind it, with a phenomenal actor in the lead and one of the greatest stories of all time - and it is all wasted on the bland tale of polite oil politics of the 1800s.

I never really saw Dracula as a villain, but in this show, I feel like they are pulling out all the stops to make him not only a sympathetic character, but a weak character. He cries more than he kills. 


Suspicions are growing against Grayson, and he authorizes the murder of Jayne - again, with tears in his eyes. Vlad the Impaler he is not.