TV Recap: 'Dracula' Episode 110 - 'Let There Be Light'


Dracula Episode 110
“Let There Be Light”
Written By: Cole Haddon
Directed By: Tim Fywell
Original Airdate: 24 January 2014

In This Episode…

Mina stops by Jonathan’s house to return his cross. She wasn’t expecting him to be there, but he is, and he doesn’t want the necklace back. He is instead furious with Mina: “I warned you to stay away from him!” He wants her to swear that she doesn’t love Grayson, which she can’t do. All she will say is that she will be at the demonstration tonight.

Jayne has what seems to be every huntsman in Europe. She also has a powerful Sicilian seer who comes bearing a gift from the Vatican: the blood of Christ. This will allow him to better see the vampires in town. When he locates a nest, teams of hunters will be dispatched in pairs or trios. They are to send up a flare for every vampire they kill.

Grayson is preparing for tonight’s demonstration, which is slated to begin at 6pm. He has his what will end up being his final daylight injection from Van Helsing, and vague assurances from the doctor that Browning’s children have been been returned. Grayson is also mighty upset because he hasn’t seen Jonathan in two days. He shows up and gets an angry lecture until he mentions Davenport. Grayson “puts it all together” and he becomes confessor for Jonathan. Grayson assures him that he will take care of everything, right now Jonathan just has to do his job like normal. One of his duties is managing the press, so he returns with a couple of photographers who wish to document the resonator before the event. Grayson goes outside to speak to the tremendous crowd that has gathered in the streets. It is a carnival atmosphere, and he answers the questions of the press with his usual wit and charm. Inside, Jonathan’s photographers are not actually photographers - they are there to tamper with the machine. Kowalski nearly catches them, but he doesn’t see anything amiss so he merely sends them on their way. A safe distance away, the saboteur tells Jonathan that five minutes after the resonator is activated, it will blow up - a fact that alarms Jonathan and sends him racing to find Mina and keep her away from the demonstration.

It is 4:30pm and Grayson is concerned that Van Helsing isn’t there yet, so he dispatches Renfield to find him. Van Helsing is busy destroying his lab, burning notes and crushing test tubes. When Renfield finds him, Van Helsing tries to play the “it was like this when I got here,” but soon realizes that is a waste. He stabs Renfield in the gut and informs him that Dracula will never again walk in the daylight.

The huntsmen are having some success with the vampires, so Browning leaves to address a note he has gotten from his wife. She is at home, hysterical, with the ransom note - and one of her children’s fingers. Browning wastes no time gathering the requested ransom and heading to the dark, abandoned house. Van Helsing appears and grabs Browning, taking his gun and holding a knife to his throat. Browning hands over the money and begs for his kids. He lights a lantern and reveals himself to Browning. “Do you not recognize me? You slaughtered my family!” Browning, ever the asshole, responds: “That hardly narrows it down, does it?” Probably not the right thing to say to someone who is dangerously unhinged. Van Helsing pulls a lever which opens a trap door and drops Browning into a deep basement. He tosses the money after him and promises that his kids are there - they are just a little shy. Browning calls for his kids, who appear from the shadows timidly. The kids look at each other, frightened for a moment - then smile at one another and reveal their fangs. The attack daddy dearest, while Van Helsing watches from above, proudly announcing that he fed them Dracula’s blood so they can feed on him. He empties a can of gasoline on the feral children and their meal, then lights the entire house on fire and walks away.

The seer finally finds Dracula: he is down by the docks, speaking to a large mass of people. Jayne finally accepts it: Grayson is Dracula. The seer slips her an ornate dagger from the Papal armory before he passes out.

It is 6pm. Time for the demonstration to start. Jonathan races through the crowds, desperate to find Mina. Grayson searches too, from his place at the podium. he sees her and smiles, and launches into his speech. Jonathan starts calling for Mina, but his cries are muffled by the crowd chanting “Show us! Show us!” Jonathan finally finds Mina and tells her what is about to happen. Rather than fleeing with him, she is horrified by what he has done and breaks free of Jonathan. She races to Grayson to alert him of the sabotage. Grayson immediately sets about shutting down the machine, but part of the sabotage means it can’t be shut down. Mina pulls a fire alarm and Jonathan admits what he had a hand in. Despite his fury, Grayson demands Mina go with Jonathan while he tries to shut down the machine. Grayson is unsuccessful and an enormous fireball rips through the city streets.

The city is damn near in ruins. Dozens are dead; hundreds are injured. Mina screams for Alexander, but Jonathan insists he is dead. “You are a murderer,” she proclaims before running from him. Jonathan sees his friend, the reporter, dead in the street.

Jayne picks her way through the rubble and over dead and injured bodies. The resonator now sits in a pit of flames and twisted metal. She lowers herself in, looking for Grayson. He sneaks up behind her, and she taunts him by saying she knows who he is. “You’ve always known, admit it.” She pulls out a gun which makes Grayson (well, I guess I can call him Dracula now) laugh and knock it away. He is more impressed when she pulls out a pair of axes. The two fight, and Dracula gets the upper hand, pinning her to the wall. She stabs him with the Papal dagger, and he stumbles back, collapsing. Jayne comes at him with an axe to finish the job, but Dracula jumps up and throws her away. She is impaled on a beam of twisted metal. “I am immune to all your little toys,” he remarks. Jayne knows she is done for, but asks that he kills her, doesn’t change her - he owes her that. Ever a gentleman, Dracula kills her good.

Mina has made it to Carfax, and is desperately searching for Grayson. He is not there, but she sees the painting of Ilona. Grayson comes up behind her and they embrace. “I was so afraid I lost you,” she murmurs. They kiss and end up in bed together, making sweet, sweet love.

Morning comes and Van Helsing is in his office, checking the contents of a vampire hunting kit. Jonathan comes in, after getting a message from him. “I will teach you everything you need to know to destroy Grayson,” he vows. The first thing Jonathan needs to know: “His name is Dracula.

Also: Lucy is a vampire now, and eats her mother.  No surprises there.

Dig It or Bury It?

That was a wonderfully satisfying finale. All of this season’s storylines were wrapped up, but the second season (should there be a second season) is well mapped out. There was some delicious violence (Browning’s children!) and delicious sex. And I have to say, the fight between Dracula and Jayne was really great. It was well choreographed and well filmed, both things that are hard to pull off. It just goes to show the director was on his game and the cast is very good at stage combat. This show has really come a long way from the first few dodgy episodes. I am so ready for a second season!