TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 203 - 'Rock Your Body'


Face Off Episode 203
"Rock Your Body"
Original Airdate: 25 January 2012

In This Episode...
We start with a foundation challenge. The contestants are randomly put into four teams of three. Each team has a model, hidden behind a divider, and wearing themed contact lenses. The teams must create a makeup look to match the contact lenses, but they must do it in relay race-style: each contestant gets 15 minutes and they run through the order twice. Your team members do not get to watch, so you have to make your vision clear from the start. Among the four looks - an alien, a zombie, a demon, and a "star princess" - the alien won. Beki scored immunity by winning the overall.

Now the spotlight challenge. In a body painting challenge, the competitors are divided into teams of two. They each pick a background, then must do a complete body paint on two nude models. Each contestant is responsible for the entire look of one model and cannot help out on their teammate's model. One model must blend into the background, while the other must be a character. Each tableau must be representative of an album cover for hip-hop artist Asher Roth's upcoming album, Is This Too Orange?

The Creations
Jerry and Tara get a black & white alley background, and paint their models in matching black & white. The character is meant to be a tagger, painting on the background model's torso. Unfortunately, the paint job on the character model offers no contrast and isn't opaque.

Race and Beki have a background that looks ripped from a horror film: a creaky old barn with a noose hanging from a beam. The pair create a more conceptual image, with the character trying to rescue the background from a dark place.

Ian and Miranda have an awkward backdrop: a park bench. Neither of them can come up with a concept, so they just kind of "wing it" and end up with a roller girl trying to take a cup from the background model.


Sue and Heather get the weirdest backdrop: an elephant on a skateboard. Their character model is an elephant herself, handing the photo elephant a giant peanut, with the background model kind of "holding up" the elephant.


RJ and Athena have a pool background. They go with something a little more conceptual, a little more spiritual and abstract: the models are tossing chakra balls to each other.


Brea and Matt got the most complicated backdrop: a wall full of sneakers. Matt does a truly impressive job with his background model, literally losing him in the complex scene. Brea does the character model, a basketball player. But 15 minutes before the end of the day, her model passes out from dehydration and has to be taken to the hospital. The producers bring in a new model for her, and she gets the full six hours to repaint - but she has to do it that night, so she has a 12 hour day.


Brea and Matt win as a team, but it is Matt who comes out on top for his amazing sneaker paint. Miranda gets sent home after the disaster of their project. How they decided between her and Ian, equally at fault for a shoddy product, is unknown.

Dig It or Bury It?
I always find the body painting episodes to be a little slow. I enjoy seeing the final product, but watching them pain is not nearly as interested as seeing the contestants sculpt and apply prosthetics and make something completely transformative. I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the creations. I think the relay race challenge - with some modifications - would have made for a much better spotlight challenge.

Tom Savini is a guest judge, so you know there is some scary shit in the works.