TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 204 - 'Night Terrors'


Face Off Episode 204

"Night Terrors"

Original Airdate: 1 February 2012

In This Episode...

The contestants are woken in the middle of the night by a mysterious phone call, giving them 15 minutes to get ready. They are taken to Linda Vista hospital, an abandoned hospital in Los Angeles that was built in the 1920s and is considered one of the most haunted locations in the country. Their challenge is revealed: they must create their own horror movie villain, with makeups based on an assigned phobia. They are given 30 minutes to sketch in their own abandoned room in the hospital, with only a flashlight to guide them. When the judges come around on day two to inspect the contestants' progress, they find out their guest judge is the legendary Tom Savini.

The Creations

Beki had a fear of parasites. She created her villain in record time, and even helped some of the other contestants with their molds. The judges were impressed with her overall design and her stunning paint job.

RJ had fear of razors. He created a mad doctor with razors in place of a mouth and on his fingertips. The coolest part were a couple of small panes of glass embedded in metal, which he used as goggle-like eyeballs.

Rayce had fear of frost. His villain was impressively designed, but poorly applied - the edges were peeling up. The judges, however, were so impressed with his design that they looked past the messy edges.

Athena had fear of being bound. The backstory to her villain was that she had been raped as a little girl, and now lured men to their death with ropes. She was going for an emaciated look, but ended up with a bloated makeup that looked neither scary nor menacing - just kind of ugly.

Ian had fear of teeth. He created a gruesome tooth fairy with a head shaped like a tooth. He went against type by creating a male tooth fairy. The judges were impressed by his use of saran wrap to create a quick, effective texture for his body. Unfortunately Ian's model suffered from an allergic reaction to the makeup, but this was not counted against Ian.

Brea had a fear of chemicals, and decided to create a victim of prolonged mustard gas exposure. Savini was initially impressed by the idea, as he had done a similar effect on Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. But her villain looked like a big pustule, with no distinguishable features.

Heather had fear of birds. Her idea was that this guy had a symbiotic relationship with birds - they actually lived inside him - so she had bits and pieces of birds sticking out of his body and a feathered wingspan. The weird bird helmet - which was supposed to look like a helmet - was kind of dull.

Matt had a fear of dryness (I didn't even know that was a thing). He created a dried-out husk creature that looked cool, but wasn't particularly original. I feel like there was a similar creature earlier in this season.

Jerry had fear of electricity. He got a little cocky with his makeup and on the final day of the competition decided to recast his silicone piece. He planned to remove it from the mold and apply it during last looks, but when he finally opened it up, it was too mushy, so he had to use his first appliance. As a result, it lacked a paint job. The judges were underwhelmed at the burn victim who didn't look burned and the electrical element that was little more than a blinking LED.

Sue had a fear of hell. She created a demon creature with a matching horned helmet. The two elements looked like they would work on their own, but just didn't mesh.

Tara had fear of eyes. She was completely lost, and didn't even have a vision of her character until the second day of the competition. She ended up with a horned Egyptian-like goddess creature that actually looked pretty good.

The Verdict

Ian's tooth fairy wins for a unique and fully-fleshed out idea, and MacGuyver-like use of saran wrap for an effective body piece. Brea is sent home for her misguided walking pus bag with horrible anatomy. 

Dig It or Bury It?

What is there not to love about this episode? First off, Tom Savini. That alone is enough to make an episode the best-ever. But then the challenge is awesome, too. They did a horror movie villain challenge last season, but I liked this one better. The entire set-up, from the moment they were called to set, was great: atmospheric, visually interesting, and way creepy. I have been to the Linda Vista hospital, and that place is chilling. It's used mostly for shooting now, but you can still find actual patient intake forms from the 1960s laying around. 

Plus, it had Tom freakin' Savini!


Sam Huntington from Being Human guest-stars with a whole bunch of real-life wild animals. The contestants must create "beautiful but deadly" makeups inspired by animals.