TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 205 - 'Dangerous Beauty'


Face Off Episode 205

"Dangerous Beauty"

Original Airdate: 8 February 2012

In This Episode...

We start with a spotlight challenge. In an obvious promotional gimmick, Sam Worthington from Being Human is the guest judge in a 90-minute competition to make a werewolf attack victim. Beki wins, and gets immunity this week.

For the foundation challenge, the lab is turned into a zoo. Snakes, lizards, wolves, bears, leopards, even a rhinoceros have been brought in for this challenge. There is also a garden. Each animal and plant is both beautiful but extremely deadly. The contestants are paired up randomly and each pair must choose one animal and one plant to inspire a beautiful but deadly makeup.

The Creations

Heather & Rayce: They blended firesticks and a monitor lizard. The face appliance was virtually flawless and the firestick hair was pretty cool, but the enormous white harem pants were ridiculous and distracted from the clean makeups.

Jerry & Matt: They picked the leopard and yellow iris. Rather than making a "mutant" like everyone else, they turned their model into a beautiful leopard with iris inspired battle garb. It was boring and Patrick thought her face was a little cartoonish.

RJ & Ian: They had a panther chameleon and an orchid. The colors are beautiful, the orchid neckpiece is stunning, and the model does a cool "unfolding" when he gets on stage. The arm petals were a little weird for my tastes - they looked like oversized oven mitts.

Tara & Athena: Emerald tree boa and a stargazer lily. The colors were beautiful, but ultimately they created a boring creature that looked like a gay Creature From the Black Lagoon. The flower was all but absent from this design, and the judges were unimpressed by the stenciled-on scales.

Beki & Sue: Tarantula plus birds of paradise equals a match made in hell. The pair did not get along at all. Since Beki had immunity, she let Sue take the lead on this project, then threw her under the bus when they faced the judges. The facial appliance was pretty cool, but the rest was atrocious. Their creation had big tubes coming out of its back like limbs, and are capped off with what looks like giant orange traffic cones, and the texture on the body looked like "vomit," according to Ve.

The Verdict?

RJ and Ian had the winning look with RJ being named the night's winner. Team Tara/Athena and Team Beki/Sue were the two teams that were reamed out, but only one could be eliminated. That one was Athena. The judges had been continually disappointed with her body makeup skills, despite the fact that she claimed this was her specialty.

Dig It or Bury It?

So far this has been the weakest episode of the season. The foundation challenge was fun, but it was obviously just a marketing gimmick and ended up being almost an afterthought. The spotlight challenge was good but the creations were not. At best, they were passable. At worst, they were boring or just flat-out laughable. The animals were damn cool though. I wonder if the contestants got to pet them or interact with them at all. As if all that wasn't bad enough, after Athena was eliminated, McKenzie goes back stage at tells the contestants, "We're not done yet." But we are done - the episode ends. Worst. Cliffhanger. Ever.


Next week's assignment involves old age makeup.