TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 206 - 'Triple Threat'


Face Off Episode 206

"Triple Threat"

Original Airdate: 15 February 2012

In This Episode...

Last week's "cliffhanger" gets resolved. After the elimination, McKenzie tells the contestants that their foundation challenge starts right now. A line of gorgeous runway models comes out, the contestants have two hours to give their model a "make under" and transform them into plain janes. Kim Greene (Scream 4, Terminator Salvation) is the guest judge. Rayce wins, and gains immunity.

For the spotlight challenge, it will be their "toughest challenge yet:" old age makeup. The contestants get to choose their own groups of three, then they meet their models: three sets of twins. One must be aged to 75 years; the other aged to 100 years. McKenzie leaves them to it, but returns a short time later with a "one more thing." These models aren't actually twins; they are triplets, and the third sibling joins each group, and must be aged to 50 years. Greg Cannom, who won an Oscar for aging Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the guest judge.

The Creations

In the first group, Beki does the 50 year old makeup; RJ does the 75 year old; and Heather does the 100 year old. The idea is that the woman is overweight at 50, but becomes more gaunt as she ages. When application time hits, RJ's model has a major allergic reaction to her makeups and has to be substituted with another model. This model is significantly smaller, with a more delicate bone structure. RJ must "cut and dart the appliance like clothing." He does a surprisingly good job with the time and materials allotted. Beki and Heather, less so. Beki's sculpt makes her look like she was "hit with a frying pan." Her edges are terrible and it looks like the appliance is peeling up around the mouth. Heather's is not much better. Her anatomy is off and Ve thinks she looks more like a zombie.

Next is Matt (50 year old), Tara (75 year old) and Sue (100 year old). This group does not work well together. Their concept is an aging wiseguy. According to Glenn, Matt's character looks like a "were-chia" - his skullcap was puffy. This set of triplets had thick, luxurious hair that the contestants had a hard time hiding. Tara's makeups were perfectly fine, but her hair was bald on top and went down to his shoulders. I agree with Ve - it was distracting. The judges were impressed with Sue's makeups. I thought it looked kind of scary - he had a gnarled-looking mouth.

In the final group, Rayce did the 50 year old; Ian did the 75 year old, and Jerry did the 100 year old. Their theme was a hippie chick. The judges felt that Rayce's look was too subtle. Glenn thought the texturing of her skin made her look diseased, not old. Ian didn't do much better - his coloring was off, and the makeup looked splotchy and needed more wrinkles. Jerry's makeup saved this group - it was generically "successful."

The Verdict?

The top three contestants were Sue, RJ, and Jerry. Sue was declared the winner. On the bottom were Ian, Beki, and Heather. Heather went home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I understand that aged makeup is the most difficult thing to do in special effects. It takes a skilled hand to make something look natural. However, realism is boring. It is way more fun to watch the contestants create crazy creatures from dreams and nightmares. So this episode was just okay.  


Next up the contestants must make aliens. Two will be eliminated, and Levar Burton is the guest judge.