TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 209 - 'Dinoplasty'


Face Off Episode 209


Original Airdate: 7 March 2012

In This Episode...

The crew heads to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, to visit the new dinosaur wing. The challenge this week is to choose a dinosaur and create a dino/human hybrid. This is a double elimination week, ahead of next week's finale. There is no guest judge this week, but Cleve and Constance Hall from Syfy's upcoming Monster Man stop by to mentor the contestants for a few minutes (in other words, do a 10-minute commercial for Monster Man)

The Creations

Sue chose her dinosaur because it was small, brightly colored, and had a mohawk of sorts. So she decided to make a colorful hipster dinosaur, modeled after herself. Ve loved it; Glenn hated it. He couldn't even get past the "girl power"concept to appreciate any of the sculpt (which seemed unimpressive).

RJ also did a cutesy idea: he chose a velociraptor as his dino, and decided to make it a veloci-rapper. Again, Glenn didn't like the concept, but he liked the final product. Patrick thought it had a nice silhouette and good flow from head piece to tail. I thought it looked kind of like Hellboy.

Matt went with a dinosaur crossed with an ancient Roman warrior. The paint job was skeletal and  Ve loved the fabricated chest plate, but Patrick thought his sculpt was a little rough and the general consensus was that there was not enough dinosaur present in Matt's creation. It looked more demonic.

Rayce had problems with his tail: the mold didn't work out and left him with an uneven, sometimes torn piece of latex. The judges didn't notice because the face sculpt was skillfully executed. Glenn was impressed that Rayce incorporated his model's large eyes into the sculpt, something no one else in the competition had done. Patrick was taken by dinosaur silhouette that Rayce created.

Ian picked a triceratops. I was impressed with his sculpt. It was large and triceratops-y with just a hint of an almost comic book feel. Glenn wished that he had given his model a barrel chest. In fact Ian had originally created a fat suit for his model to wear, but it looked ridiculous so he nixed it. Overall, the judges felt his sculpt was a success. 

The Verdict?

For the first time, the judges actually liked all of the creations (except for Glenn, but he is a hater). So rather than saying "These are the people who have been eliminated," they named off the people would be going on to the finale, and made sure that the eliminated contestants knew that it was a tough decision, yadda yadda yadda. So the winner tonight was Rayce. The other two who are joining him in the finale are RJ and Ian. Sue and Matt went home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was really looking forward to this episode - who doesn't love dinosaurs? But I was underwhelmed by the creations. I think all the contestants were too freaked out about the double-elimination to focus. Plus there was a lot of "oh my god, I have never been so nervous" interview footage with the contestants which got real old, real fast.


Next week is the season finale. I am a little worried, because at one point McKenzie refers to it as the "series finale." I hope this isn't the last season of the show; I really enjoy it. It's one of the few reality shows I actually enjoy. I am hoping she just misspoke and no one caught it in post.