TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 210 - 'The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge'


Face Off Episode 210

"The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge"

Original Airdate: 14 March 2012

In This Episode...

In the series finale, each contestant must choose one of three film genres and must create three characters to go along with their theme. The makeups must also be functional. The models will be asked to perform a dance to see how the makeups do under pressure. The dance will be performed in front of a live audience, who will then get to vote for their favorite. The final decision still comes down to the judges, but they can take the audience's vote into consideration. Former contestants are back, and each of the three finalists get to choose three former contestants to join their team. McKenzie's dad, Michael Westmore, is there to mentor the finalists.

The Creations

Ian's theme was horror, and he had Matt, Sue, and Tara on his team. He created a Lucifer-type character that was white instead of traditional black or red, and two "hell hounds." Glenn found the concept exceptional, but didn't like the color scheme. Patrick, on the other hand, liked the idea that Lucifer was white. The general consensus is that the sculpt is amazing, but the paint is flat and weak. I thought the hell hounds had a Cenobite look.

Rayce had sci-fi and his team consisted of Jerry, Miranda, and Heather. The concept was that there was a light entity and a dark entity, and a female entity being drawn apart by the two. The sculpts were amazing. I loved the texture and form of the dark entity, and the female entity had impressive symmetry. Unfortunately, his makeups showed the most erosion after the dance.

RJ's genre was fantasy, and his team was made up of Beki, Brea, and Athena ("RJ's Angels"). I found RJ's concept the weakest of the three. He had an evil alchemist, an earth mother, and a phoenix. Even though Jerry was not on his team, he thought that RJ had this competition all sewn up because RJ incorporated every kind of material and technique into his three creations. Ve wanted to see mother earth "prettier," but Patrick was impressed with the way that her vines mimicked her muscle tone. The judges agreed that his makeups did not work as well in closeup. I found the phoenix to be disappointing. Despite the team's best efforts to correct this early on, the phoenix looked like a parrot.

The Verdict

The judges and the audience both picked the same winner: Rayce.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked the concept of the models having to do a dance; unfortunately, it was poorly executed. All the models danced together, so there was a lack of continuity between the moves and the look. The choreography itself was dull, and the music was some awful techno-wannabe mix. It just kind of looked like a hot mess. But I was totally behind the decision for Rayce to win. He deserved it.


See ya next year!