TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 302 - 'Pirate Treasure'


Face Off Episode 302
“Pirate Treasure”
Original Airdate: 28 August 2012

In This Episode...

Tonight’s challenge sees the contestants creating their own pirates who have “become one with the sea.” Each contestant is given an object to incorporate into their design. The producers must have heard my pleas, for this challenge gives a reward: $5,000 cash prize.

The Creations

Nicole’s theme was a ship in a bottle. She had a ship’s mast going through her model’s abdomen. I don’t really understand what that had to do with a ship in a bottle, but she was safe.

Derek’s theme was netting. He basically draped his pirate in it. He was safe.

Alana’s theme was crabs. She created a human/crab hybrid complete with working claws. Safe.

Tommy’s theme was kelp, and he had a pretty cool thing going where the pirate was becoming one with the kelp. It looked good and he had a cool wig to go with it. Safe.

Rod’s theme was sea horses. He created a sea horse/human hybrid. He was safe.

Jason’s theme was jewels. A lot you can do with jewels, right? Not with Jason. He put an octopus on his pirate’s shoulder, had one of its arms poking through his belly, and said that this happened while the pirate was diving for jewels. The only jewels were a few clutched in his hand. 

Laura’s theme was shells. She wanted her model to be a creature emerging from his shell. I thought that it kind of looked like a mutant pig man to me. Glenn felt it had a nice feel, head to toe, and she tackled lots of elements. Neville liked the silhouette, and Ve liked the coloring.

CC’s theme was barnacles. She had trouble with the concept and ended up putting “barnacles” on her model’s face. It was too symmetrical and the barnacles didn’t actually look like barnacles. Glenn felt it was directionless.

Roy’s theme was daggers. He created a pirate who was an expert with daggers, and kept them in her body, so they were always close at hand, ready to be unsheathed at a moment’s notice. The judges loved both the concept and the execution.

Eric’s theme was a spyglass. His pirate was so lazy that the captain fused it with the pirate’s head permanently. He was going for something steampunk; instead it ended up looking cartoony. The judges were disappointed.

Sarah’s theme was sea urchins. Her pirate had been on the ocean floor for so long that the urchins had actually taken up residency in her pirate and were starting to pop out. Urchin spines jutted out from her pirate. Glenn thought the color palate was haunting; Neville thought she had “wonderful rhythm of form.”

The Verdict?

Sarah won. CC went home.

Dig It or Bury It?

There were some really cool looks... but there were also some really weak looks. I think that forcing an “inspiration” on the contestants was a disadvantage to many of them. Also, Rod had some swollen tendons in his wrist - and he harped on it every chance he got. “I don’t know how I am going to finish this with only one hand.” “I did such a great job, especially considering I was down to one hand.” Suck it up. Your wrist isn’t broken and you seem to have full mobility - you keep taking the brace off. Pussy.


The contestants must make a Chinese dragon - with a twist.