TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 303 - 'Year of the Dragon'


Face Off Episode 303
“Year of the Dragon”
Original Airdate: 4 September 2012

In This Episode...

The contestants are tasked with coming up with a new spin on the traditional Chinese New Year dragon. They are randomly paired up and must incorporate elements from their own Chinese zodiac symbols into their designs. Additionally, the models will partake in a dance, so the makeups must stand up to physical exertion.

The Creations

Nicole and Rod - Blending a snake and a rat, Rod decided to work rats and snakes into the actual anatomy of the face. It was very cool. Glenn found it the most Chinese dragon-like, but Neville didn’t see the dragon

Eric and Sarah - They made a boar and a monkey, which Glenn felt had a lot of problems, namely the unintentional symmetry and the blocky paint job.

Alana and Laura - A goat and a rat went into this creation, one which Glenn was very happy with.

Derek and Tommy - This one was a monkey and an ox. Glenn loves the Japanese aesthetic, and Ve loves the paint job.

Jason and Roy - They had a rabbit and a snake. The sculpt was pretty cool and very effective. This included a chest piece which Glenn was disappointed to have covered for most of the presentation. The only real complain anyone had with this one was the garish paint job.

The Verdict?

Derek and Tommy were named the top team, with Derek being named the winner. Ironically, Derek’s twin, Eric, went home - he and Sarah were named the bottom team.

Dig It or Bury It?

I didn’t care for this challenge. I thought the purpose was unclear (even the judges weren’t sure if they were supposed to judge based on how well the contestants combined their zodiac animals or how well they incorporated a dragon into their design). I thought the costuming and the movement ultimately distracted from the makeups - which I wasn’t particularly impressed with anyway.


To tie in with the release of Resident Evil: Retribution, Paul W.S. Anderson is the guest host. The contestants must imagine Alice in Wonderland - if it was struck with a zombie plague.