TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 304 - 'Alice in Zombieland'



Face Off Episode 304
“Alice in Zombieland”
Original Airdate: 11 September 2012

In This Episode...

The show started out with a quickie foundation challenge. Judged by boxer Laila Ali, the contestants were given 90 minutes to give their models realistic boxing-match trauma. Jason won the challenge, granting him immunity for the spotlight challenge.

This week’s spotlight challenge, as one might imagine by the episode title, tasks the contestants to imagine the characters of Alice in Wonderland as infected with the Resident Evil T-virus. Each contestant gets to choose a character to reimagine. Paul W.S. Anderson, director of the Resident Evil films, was the guest judge.

The Creations

Tommy had the White Rabbit. He put watches up and down the Rabbit’s arm, counting down the different stages of his infection. Paul liked the head, but found the rest of the costume didn’t match (Tommy had dressed his model in bright flannels, making it look like a hillbilly). Ve hated the costume. Glenn liked the idea, but found the execution poor, buried behind too much fake blood and fun fur.

Laura chose the Mad Hatter. Retaining some memory of his pre-zombie life, the Hatter uses his intestines as a measuring tape. All the judges liked the story behind the character, and Glenn found the entire look unified and solid.

Rod chose the Queen of Hearts, and gave her a metabolism problem. She drinks the blood of her victims, causing her weight to fluctuate wildly. Rather than looking zombie-ish, the Queen had a weird pallor, wrinkly skin, and nothing that would suggest “zombie.” Paul liked it to a vampire, not a zombie.

Derek had the Cheshire Cat. Ve was worried because his cat was a bright purply color, but up close, she was taken in by the details: wicked-long claws, uneven whiskers, and teeth coming out of the side of his head. Paul loved the asymmetry and felt the look really captured the world of Resident Evil.

Nicole was the only one who chose Alice. She wanted to play with the “Eat me, drink me” themes so she had Alice carrying a bunny she was munching on, and had a bottle of “Drink me” potion, carrying the virus, stabbed into her chest. Brains or boils throbbed on Alice’s head. Paul thought she was too ambitious and Glenn thought it all went wrong. All the judges hated the dark, flat paint job.

Roy chose the Queen. The T-virus was mutating the queen, causing her skin, her muscles, her bones to reform and create her royal garb, including her crown. The detailing was quite impressive. Paul thought it looked like something he would expect five artists to be working on together. All the judges were quite impressed. It is interesting to note that, as you can see in the image, Roy’s model had a bare-breasted chest piece. In the broadcast episode, this chest piece was completely blurred out. Yet they hardly ever blur anything when they do fully nude body painting. 

Sarah chose Cheshire Cat. She had a hard time in the concept phase because she grew up Mennonite and was not familiar with Alice in Wonderland. Even if she has only been in the English world a few years, Alice icons are everywhere. How could you not have a basic understanding? Anyway, with the help of her fellow contestants, she pieced together a bloody, matted mess that resembled an evil college mascot.

Alana chose White Rabbit. Her creation was one of my favorites (though the judges merely named her “safe”). The rabbit was hairless, with one red eye and one blue, and a big mutated head and ears. It was simple, but it was effective.

Jason chose the Mad Hatter. It was a fairly generic zombie - cool looking but nothing spectacular.

The Verdict?

Roy won this challenge. Nicole was sent home.

Dig It or Bury It?

Who wouldn’t love a mashup of Alice in Wonderland and Resident Evil? However, I found many of the creations this week to be a little lacking. The contestants were more concerned with splattering their makeups with gore. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with this; it just doesn’t show a hell of a lot of creativity.


Kevin Smith guests next week, so it should come as no surprise that the challenge involves superheroes.