TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 305 - 'Supermobile'


Face Off Episode 305
Original Airdate: 18 September 2012

In This Episode...

The contestants are paired off randomly and tasked with creating a superhero and sidekick. Each team gets to choose a fancy-shmancy vehicle for inspiration. Director Kevin Smith is the guest judge.

The Creations

Derek and Sara selected the old-skool motorcycle with sidecar. Their inspiration was Indiana Jones meets Dick Tracy, but their creations were anything but inspired. Ve initially told Sara not to make her female superhero have a big, gnarly scar. So Sara scaled back the scar and went too far in the other direction. Glenn felt like a lot was missing; for example, why did the female have a wooden eyepatch that had no identifiable way of attaching to her eye? Ve felt the makeup was muddy, and the male sidekick’s frozen jaw started to slide off by the time judging came.

Jason and Rod chose a “Britishy” Tatra T87. Neither were particularly familiar with superheroes, so they ended up with some kind of Driving Miss Daisy concoction. The driver is the muscle while his passenger is the brains. The brains controls his muscle-bound driver, and both gain their super powers from some sort of neck piece. Ve warned Rod twice that his character was looking dangerously similar to his previous creations, with a round face and downturned smile. Rod thought he changed it; didn’t change it enough. In general, the story didn’t quite come through in the characters, the skill and quality was severely lacking, they didn’t look like superheroes, and in general, they were just boring.

Laura and Tommy went with a military-type vehicle. Their hero was beautiful woman who was being experimented on by the government and she could morph into any form she wanted. One of the soldiers was in love with her, and he got half his face blown off trying to help her escape. Laura’s female superhero was beautiful. Tommy’s sidekick... not so much. The judges were universally divided: they loved Laura’s look; they hated Tommy’s look. Laura kept the team afloat.

Alana and Roy choose a Dodge Charger with a custom flame paint job. Their characters were called Fire and Chaos. Fire was the daughter of the devil, and Chaos was sent along to keep an eye on Fire, while causing trouble on Earth. By far, this was the best group. Kevin immediately identified with the characters, especially because they reminded him of him and his wife Jennifer. Glenn appreciated that they were the only ones who brought elements of the car into their characters, and ended up with heroes that truly represent comic books.

The Verdict

Alana is deemed winner, while Jason is sent packing. It felt kind of rigged, because clearly Rod should have gone home.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a terribly disappointing challenge. Of the four groups, only one and a half were remotely good. The majority of the projects were sloppy and totally missed the point of the challenge. I wonder what kind of hell the editors went through, cutting down anything Kevin Smith said into TV-friendly soundbites. The notoriously loquacious filmmaker hardly got in ten sentences in the whole episode.


The contestants go steampunk when they are tasked with creating characters from the upcoming video game Dishonored.