TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 309 - 'Junkyard Cyborg'


Face Off Episode 309
“Junkyard Cyborg”
Original Airdate: 16 October 2012

In This Episode...

The contestants are taken to a junkyard and asked to pick out objects to use in their makeups for this week’s challenge: cyborgs. Gale Anne Hurd is the guest judge tonight.

The Creations

From the get-go, Laura couldn’t decide on a concept. She started with a super soldier, then changed her mind and decided on a dark future where people got mechanical implants like tattoos - as art. In the end, she couldn’t decide and smushed both concepts together to create a hodge-podge of bits and pieces. Neville said it best: he said it looked like she dipped her model in glue, then had him roll around in a junkyard.

Roy’s creation was flat for this go-getter. The military created this device to heal wounded soldiers, but it had the unintended effect of reanimating dead flesh, turning the soldiers into zombies. As with most of Roy’s projects, he focuses on fabrications and all but ignores the sculpts and makeups. Ve and Neville thought it looked cool even still.

Sarah was totally clueless. She decided she really liked some wires she found, and made a character who was in a coma for ages and when she wakes up, is freaked out and starts tearing her tech out. Gale says it is not fully realized, and Glenn doesn’t like that the bits and pieces dont’ actually appear to be coming out of the skin - just sitting on top.

Nicole’s project was my favorite. She went with a cyborg princess, which was a different direction than the beefy cyborgs on stage with her. The judges gave it rave reviews: Ve felt it was camera-ready; Glenn thought it was the best Nicole has done in this competition, and Gale wants to take it to Comic Con and write a story this character.

Derek’s creation was a burly Iron Man-type with glowing energy sources and a full fae mask. Glenn thought he had the most clever use of found objects; Neville thought it had an iconic look that could be a toy; and Gale could see it in her films.

The Verdict

Nicole wins; Sarah goes home. No surprises here.

Dig It or Bury It?

Cyborgs are cool, but the junkyard shopping trip seemed unnecessary. I would have liked to see a cyborg mashup or something like that - something with a touch more direction than “cyborg.” I’m glad Sarah is gone. She keeps complaining that she doesn’t know this movie or that movie because she was raised as a Mennonite. Guess what? You’re a grown-up now - you can watch whatever you damn well please.


The contestants must create a creature possible of creating a gruesome crime scene.